Today was the Solemnity of Corpus Christi: did your parish do the Sequence?

I welcome you back to the Catholic Church. I too left the church and have come back. I am sure you had your reasons as I had mine. Let’s just say that it has been a struggle the last couple of years since I first came back home, but I am still a practicing Catholic. I just have to remind myself that I am where Jesus and Mother Mary want me to be, and not let the confusion and bewilderment get to me.

I know living in AZ where we have tripple digits in the Summer, one might say we are a casual church and we wear long shorts or capri pants. It is to hot to wear panty hose and so if women do wear a skirt it is with sandals. I don’t have a problem as long as it is not short shorts and halter tops. I know some people wouldn’t understand but unless they have lived in Phoenix in the Summer they don’t understand why people here dress more casual than other Catholics who live in a more temperate climate. :smiley:

We did have a good sermon and this dear old priest bless his heart talked about the presence of Jesus in the Mass. We are an older parish so maybe they felt incense wouldn’t be good for the senior citizens who might have breathing problems. I was surprised though that we didn’t read, but just went right into the gospel.

I think the goals of Vatican II were good. I think that there was some good things that Vatican II brought about. I know other Catholics don’t agree and would like to scrap Vatican II, but I think that would be a mistake. Maybe it is time to consider a Vatican III and correct the mistakes and improve upon the good that was Vatician II?

In my parish, they don’t get out the incense apart from Easter, and I wish they would! But they do have a procession following the last Mass today.

And yeah, I wish people would dress a LITTLE more formally - though I can see dressing-down for the Vigil Mass, as people are usually racing around trying to complete all their errands. But, y’know, lose the skeevy T-shirts with semi-blasphemous sayings.

My parish does incense on the Solemnities. I don’t know what happened about the sequence at the Vigil or the 11:30 (we didn’t have it at the 9:30 but we had the Rite of Acceptance and Welcoming for catechumins and candidates instead) and there was a procession after the 11:30 Mass.

We did the abbreviated Sequence today, but no procession and no incense. It was kinda odd though . . . for the first time since I started at this parish, we had no EMHC serving.


We didn’t at the Vigil Mass last evening, but I’m sure all the bells and smells were out today – including the annual procession through the neighborhood from the church to the parish cemetery and back. :thumbsup:

The pastor’s weekly bulletin comments focused on the day and the homily was very appropriate to the occasion.

(Personally, I had meditated on the sequence following Mass on Thursday – the day of the Solemnity on the old calendar.)

My parish did not at the Vigil Mass on Saturday. It was First Communion. Fourty-nine little boys and girls all dolled up in traditional First Communion gear. Father’s homily consisted partly of a question and answer time with the kids who were seated as a group in the front pews. It really was quite marvelous. He didn’t talk down to them, whatsoever and one could see that the kids were hanging on every word he spoke. So were the rest on the parishoners! It was all about the Eucharist and how important it is in our lives. I thought to myself that it was one of the more powerful homilies on the Eucharist that I have ever heard. Also, how appropriate that those children should receive their First Communion on the feast day of the Body of Christ. I imagine that the sequence was sung at the Mass today when the full choir is present along with a deacon. Our pastor never omits anything on feast days or solemnities.
At the Cathedral this morning, during the Bishop’s Mass, the sequence was sung by a deacon who has the voice of an angel. There was lots of incense, but then there always is at the Cathedral. No procession but there was Benediction immediately following the Mass.

I just came back from the Procession, and yes, the incense was out!

If I had thought ahead we would have attended this Mass. Oh, well, at least we got to do the Procession and the ice cream social that followed.

Yes, we did. We always do the sequences. But it isn’t just the choir/cantor. The entire congregation sings them.

We had a procession last night after the Anticipated Mass, then there was a Holy Hour for the youth, then we had all night Adoration. My husband and I had the midnight slot! We had to miss the procession though because of a commitment made long before we knew there would be one for sure.

Our Pastor’s homily on the Body of Christ was beautiful. He started with the image of Our Lady as the first tabernacle for Christ’s body–gave me goose bumps!

We didn’t have the Sequence, but we did have a Procession in the church and Benediction (with all the songs and incense) at the end of all the Masses this weekend. The homily was also good, Christ is present in the Eucharist, even if it still looks, tastes, like bread and wine, we should have respect for Christ in the Eucharist, and mention of Eucharist miracles. :thumbsup:

Speaking of the Eucharist Miracles we have the exhibit at our parish through the 21st. It really is remarkable.

We processed to 6 altars within a one mile radius of the church and back to the 7th altar outside the church.

I was visiting another parish today, and they didn’t do the sequence unfortunately. Today seemed just a regular Sunday mass. Not sure if my parish did it or not though, I’d be a bit disappointed if they did, but if they did it would definitely be good for the parishioners.

We had the incense. We had the processional and recessional with the Knights of Columbus in full dress, swords and all. A few weeks ago I recall we had the choir sing the sequence at Pentecost Sunday as I vaguely remember only becuase the choir director told me not to read it during the Mass as they would be singing. But it was not sung or recited yesterday.

Yesterday morning I celebrated Mass in the parish where I spent a year as a transitional deacon, and there was no sequence. Typically, unless Oregon Catholic Press prints the sequence (or more often, a poor paraphrase) in their disposable missals, it doesn’t get sung in most parishes around here. However, in the evening I concelebrated at a friend’s first Mass, where the world-class chant choir “Cantores in Ecclesia” not only sang the sequence in Latin, but repeatedly brought tears to my eyes throughout the Mass. It was, without a doubt, the most beautiful Novus Ordo Mass I’ve ever seen.

We had lots of incense and a procession to three outdoor altars for benediction, then back inside.

During the procession a litany was chanted in latin. Very nice.


Went to the OF Mass since they moved the EF Mass to Noon due to the procession. It was done in Latin at the OF Mass

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