Today's Dr. Phil show

After watching today’s Dr. Phil show, I was pretty disappointed. The show was about men with “ego issues”. One of his guests spoke of his “techniques” to get womens’ phone numbers and even had a step-by-step process on how to get women whom he’d just met to go back to his apartment.

The audience, made up mostly of women, seemed to realize how disgusting his ideas were, but surprisingly, no one, not even Dr. Phil, mentioned the HUGE danger for women who meet men like this and then immediately go to their apartment for a sexual encounter.

First off, neither party is considering the great spiritual danger: mortal sin. No mention of morals were made at all during the show. Next, how do these women know if guys like this are serial killers or rapists? Do these women know how many partners men like this have had? (This particular guest admitted to over 100!!) And lastly, have they ever heard of sexually transmitted diseases?

Although the audience and Dr. Phil seemed to find this man’s “techniques” distasteful, everyone seemed to laugh them off. I was horrified and WISHED Dr. Phil would have had some sort of disclaimer to young women, warning them how completely dangerous going home with a total stranger could be. I really felt it was very irresponsible on his part.

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I rarely watch Dr. Phil anymore. He’s a tool. I see a lot of spiritual badness in that show.

Not sure what you mean by “He’s a tool”.

Anyway, I am not saying I think he is a bad person or even that he has a bad show. I think he has given out a lot of helpful and practical advice over the years. I just believe that on this particular occasion he should have included some sort of warning to women who blindly go back to strangers’ apartments.

“Dr.” Phil is a quack. His show should be canceled.

– Mark L. Chance.

hey now…Dr Phil is :cool:

Dr Phil is really just common sense but as you know common sense is lacking these days :shrug:

What is amazing is that while everyone laughs them off how many gullible people fall for them and how often they are successful! It’s almost sad.

I used to enjoy his show, but it seems to have become a genteel sort of Jerry Springer in the last few years. So I don’t watch it anymore. It sounds as tho it hasn’t improved any.

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