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OK, I know that the Calendar was changed dramatically after Vatican II, but does anyone know of a source that explains why some of the changes were made? Today, for example, used to be the Feast of the Queenship of Mary. It is now the Feast of the Visitation.

The Queenship is the NO is celebrated on the 8th day (I suppose one would say the octave day) of the Assumption in order to link it with the Assumption. The Visitation is celebrated May 31 so that it comes before the Birthday of St. John the Baptist. The Immaculate Heart which used to be on August 22 (where is now the Queenship) is after the Sacred Heart in order to link it wiht the Sacred Heart.

P.S. Since we are in the Octave of Pentecost according to the 1960 calendar, the days are “I Class” and no feasts can be celebrated. So the Queenship is omitted this year according to the 1960 rubrics (or transferred according to the pre-1960 rubrics.)

As others have posted, the reasoning was to put this feast between the Annunciation of the Lord and the Birth of St. John the Baptist. As the Gospel according to St. Luke states, Mary visited St. Elizabeth after the Annunciation and then stayed for three months, meaning she was presenent at St. John’s birth. We recall the visitation between these two solemnities. I personally believe it was chosen for May 31st in order to dramatically close May, the month of Mary. This is one thing about NO calendar where I can actually see the logic. Also having the Immaculate Heart on the Saturday after the Sacred Heart also makes sense to me.

Also having the Immaculate Heart on the Saturday after the Sacred Heart also makes sense to me.

There is though, in my missal, an indult feast for the Most Pure Heart of Mary for the day after the Sacred Heart of Jesus. Same Collect, Secret and Postcommunion as for the Immaculate Heart (with the word “immaculate” replaced by “pure”) but otherwise different.

Judging by the Gospel, I *think *this was the feast originally celebrated by indult on the Sunday within the Assumption octave or August 22 before 1942.

I see the logic in the change here, but I cannot help hoping that, at some point, the Calendars will be unified so the whole Church can celebrate the same feasts on the same day. (And this goes double for Ascension Thursday and restoring all holy days of obligation!!!)

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Our mass today was Trinity Sunday!!! well thats the 1962 missal :thumbsup:

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Which originally was the octave day of Pentecost. I am mixed here, I understand dropping the octave to make Paschaltide an even 50 days. But this is the birth of the Catholic Church, celebrating an octave is appropriate, I am undecided here. Ironic we drop the octave, but keep the octave day, a head without a body. LOL.

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