Today's Gospel (Sunday)


Did you here the full reading or the short form? Did Father address any of the Gospel teachings, I.e. adultery, lust, divorce.
At my Parish we received the short form, no mention of divorce and adultery, just a discussion on the First reading from Sirach.


Interesting you should post this. Today was the first time I have EVER experienced a priest using the short form of the Gospel. We had a visiting priest today and his homily was totally unrelated to today’s scripture readings.


Long form with an instructive homily.


Same at my parish, but was hoping for homily on first reading!


Long form with a homily that covered the overall reading leading to the beatitudes and questions on how we lead our lives. We are a small congregation, so if he had specifically talked about divorce, the priest would have been pointing the spotlight on one young person. In the circumstances, he quite rightly gave us all something to think about. :slight_smile:


Matthew 5:28
But I say to you that everyone who looks at a woman with lust has already committed adultery with her in his heart.


Long form here.


Short form here. Good homily about infidelity and the breakdown of the family and subsequent breakdown of society.


We were blessed with the same. :thumbsup:


Long form with a great homily by the prior on how we are to surpass ourselves.

Oddly I went to confession and the monk hearing confessions (not the prior who gave the homily) said the same thing about surpassing ourselves and overcoming our nature.


Long form with a great homily about moving beyond minimalism and legalism.


Short form with homily geared toward Together in Mission. Usually this priest proclaims the long forms and gives excellent homilies. Just a change of venue I guess.


OF reading last night was the short form. Sermon was on some wrestling champion, totally unrelated.

EF reading tonight was on the Workers in the Vineyard. Sermon was spot on.


Short version. Father’s homily then was on sin and how we have lost a sense of sin or try to justify sin. He said it was the failing of him and his brother priests for not catechizing properly. For allowing RE to be about banners and art rather than learning the faith. He committed to us that all that was going to change and the parish would focus on learning and knowing the faith if it took him the next 20 years. Finally he reminded people that if they are in a state of sin to present themselves to confession, not the Eucharist.

Add that to our bishop’s recent article about Humanae Vitae and how ignoring the predictions have brought us so low it sounds like the clergy in my area are ready to fight back instead of sit back. Made me want to weep for joy.


Long form.

I wish Father would have talked more about those things; one of the things mentioned was how Jesus says “Amen. I say unto you…” when He is about to say something important, or as our priest said “When it’s going to be on the test…” which really touched me since that’s related to the the title of my blog. (Life’s an open book test)


Long form. Fr talked about pornography, pre-marital sex, lust, adultery, divorce, and abortion.


Thank you for your answers. I am encouraged to see that many parishes received the long form and an instructive homily. Now I need to get the courage to approach Father and ask if our Parish would be better served if we also received the full text.


We heard the entire Gospel. Our deacon spoke directly on the Gospel. It was a great homily.


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