Today's Homily(-ies)


As happens fairly often, I attended Mass at my wife’s Catholic parish, then again at my Episcopal parish. The readings were the same, as they usually are, and the homilies were related.

The priest at the Catholic parish made no mention of the recent grand jury report from PA, which is fine, there was no requirement for him to do so. He preached on the Gospel reading, remarking that it would be a horrible tragedy for one to leave the Eucharist (true enough). He said that Protestants don’t have the Eucharist, but he only said it once and left it at that (he’s been more adamant in prior homilies, even stretching the truth to make that point).

The Episcopal priest also spoke of the presence of Christ in the Eucharist and of the need for reverence in approaching communion. We must examine our lives, repent of our sins and be in love and charity with all. She then mentioned the grand jury report, and stressed that non-Catholics must not judge or gloat, that we have all sinned, all of us, and that plenty of Episcopalians have abused positions of authority over the years. She concluded by reminding us that Christ is really and truly present on Roman Catholic altars all over the world, and stressed that we should pray for the victims of abuse, for RC clergy, for our own clergy and for all who hold positions of authority.


That’s such a wonderful, balanced, professional approach, from both parties. Not going into disagreements, stressing what is good and urging prayers for the other side. I am happy for both of them. God Bless!


Wow, I am really impressed by her homily. What a generous and balanced perspective.




I don’t agree with having women as priests, at all. I was just commenting that her homily, for this subject matter, was a good one. This thread wasn’t about the validity of women priests or not, but comparing the two homilies that the OP heard that day.


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