today's Mass readings

I don’t have them today but should have them tomorrow… (and continuing)

Sorry, I got “distracted” with other things and couldn’t do the Readings this
week… :(Hopefully God will forgive me (?) :eek::hmmm::whacky:)

In hindsight, I’m not sure whether the “other things” i had to do were really all that important… but… humm… What can i say? I am human (Hard to believe, i know :D) and don’t always know which of my choices God really prefers… :hypno::whacky:

If anyone else can get the readings and post them, we would all appreciate it…

thanks. :slight_smile:

These readings are for 5/1/09

How did Saul propose to identify followers of “the way”?
Supposing he wanted to identify Christians today? Back then, there were no
churches, they met in people’s homes. And today, if Saul were to search our
homes, what kind of evidence could he find against us? Christian decorations?
What if he saw Christian decorations, but observed behavior that was unloving?
Would he be convinced that he came to the wrong house despite the decorations?

Another thing about this reading is Ananias’ prayer. God tells him to go to Saul
of Tarsus and heal his eyes. For some reason, Ananias explains to God who
Saul is. After being commaned by God what he is to do, he tells God that Saul
is only here to arrest everybody. Did he think God made a mistake?
God shows kindness to Ananias that was not shown to Zechariah, father of
John the Baptist. Though Ananias can hear the voice of God, yet question Him,
God explains Himself to Ananias. See how much more forgiving God is than an

Today’s gospel is full of mystery. There are over 700 responses to another
current thread about what it means to be “in Christ”. It seems today would be
an appropriate day to go read that and see if anybody knows.

Today is the day of “St. Joseph the worker”.

So what struck you about today’s readings? :bible1::twocents:

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