Todays reading 7/7/2013 Isaiah 66:10-14


So this reading today really just struck me wrong,

with Isaiah 66:10-14, the author is telling us a positive message I get that, but why use the image of a suckling baby on a mothers’ breast ?

Couldn’t there been a better way to express the message ? I for one do not relate as a male with nursing babies, that is more of a bond for women and their baby.

I got a feeling I am dealing with some closed mindedness on this passage, that being acknowledge an set aside, could someone give a better explanation on this passage and why it is a positive meaning and or how the Church can be described as a woman or Jerusalem as a woman who has a suckling baby… ???

I have a very hard time imagining an inanimate object let alone a spiritual analogy as being first female, then to consider this spiritual or inanimate object to then be an imaginary human female.

It is like someone saying a car is a classy lady, and he loves her so much. ( that is how the reference makes sense to me )

more over to say the Church is the Bride of Christ makes even less to me, as we those of us who participate in the Church make up the Church and or are the Church, and last time I checked not all of us are female, an I do not understand how the " Church " is the " bride of Christ " I thought nuns were considered to be the brides of Christ, or is the referencing of the " Church " the same as a guy labeling his car as a female an thus loves his car.

I am honestly not being sarcastic an I know this can come off as sarcastic cause I read it an am like oh brother, but I simply lack a better way to express my thoughts, so I apologize if I have thus poorly expressed my thoughts.

hopefully someone will understand what I am trying to say.


If you’ve ever seen a hungry baby suckling happily at its mother’s breast you will not know how profound this image is.

There is nothing like mommy milk to a baby. Nothing gives them such fat cheeks or such a smile.

I’ve watched all my kids suckling - it’s amazing.

We’re too prudish in the western world.


If you think of it in terms of refreshing nourishment and comfort, then it makes more sense. I agree, some of the symbolism in the Old Testament can be kind of weird and archaic. But this one is actually pretty easy to get compared to some others.You should read the Song of Songs for some real awkward analogies. One part it says something like, “Your cheeks are like pomegranates and your hair is like a flock of goats.” :whacky: I THINK thats supposed to be taken as a good thing. :wink:

Anyways, the Church has ever since ancient times been referred to as mother. I personally like the imagery. Mothers teach us what matters most, are firm on the important things, they won’t budge no matter how much we beg, yet they always comfort us and give us just what we need. That’s exactly what the Church does. She feeds us in the sacraments, and teaches us in her dogmas. :thumbsup:

The Church as the bride of Christ is a little harder to understand at first. But it helps to understand it as a spiritual reality, not physical or sexual. Your right, we’re obviously not all females, but the male-female union in marriage is a sign that points to Christ’s love for each of us and the perfect union with him that he wants us to have. (Again spiritual, not sexual.) It’s a total, complete, self giving love.

Anyway, did that make any sense? Let me know if you need something explained a little more. Sometimes I have a hard time finding the right words. :slight_smile:


ty for the replies an yes the replies did make sense .


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