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We are all called to be the saints of today. Everyone who gets to heaven is a saint. Everyone not trying to become a saint will not get to heaven.

This said do we still have people today who are actually holy and as miraculous as the saints of old. Yes of course we do. More then we realize. They of course will for the most part be suspect and despised even by God’s people.

Saints who come here to talk and inspire others will find all they say will be critizied by all the know-it-alls. Especially if the know-it-all has never been actually holy. The mere fact of holiness does not give you a PHD in the discussion of holy things. The same holds true that most teachers never do they only teach.

As Saint Francis said we must preach Jesus Christ constantly and him crucified sometimes we may even need to use words.


I can think of a number of saintly people who post very inspirational messages in discussions here and are rarely if ever criticized. I’d list their names if it wouldn’t be so embarrassing for them. Their humility would not let them announce their holiness to all, but it’s obvious to those who communicate with them.

Here’s a book for you. You know, that whole honey and vinegar thing.


Hello again Mandateman -

I guess I just don’t understand why you keep starting threads making such disparaging comments about those who have honest disagreements over some of the things you say. :frowning:

You seem to be trying really hard on your threads to promote yourself as a Saint . . . but “this” is what people see. Has it ever occurred to you the reason you can’t seem to get past go on this subject has nothing to do with the un-holy know-it-all PHD’s???

Believe it or not I say this to be helpful . . . .for I really would like to see some fruit begin to flow in your threads.

So with that I wish you better luck this time . . . and goodbye.



Boy oh boy, and I thought this was a thread to start an inspirational list! Pardon, I’m new here.

Well, I just have to put one on here anyway. Sister Marguerite Bartz, 64 … murdered on church grounds, on a Navajo reservation last Sunday after many years of quietly ministering to the deathly poor there. People like her know the dangers, choose to minister anyway, and no one knows about them unless they are killed, randomly or because of vendetta.
God bless


Sorry but I disagree with anyone who says that my format of being realistic is meant to be disparaging. If you are from earth as I am then you understand using my mother tongue that many comment here are not meant to be honest criticism. They assume first a bad intent or an ignorance of catholic faith on behalf of the person making the comment in either case this is not honest criticism but criticism for its own sake.

Every rule every law of our faith has a what if clause attached to its understanding. We must attend mass on sundays and holydays under pain of sin. Except if your under 12 or over 65 or if you have medical reasons or if you are living over three hours travel from the church. etc. So if someone mentions a law we must assume they understand the exceptions and that they are primarily talking to persons who qualify under the guidelines if we have to go about restating these things with each instance then nothing in life would ever be accomplished. There are other laws and teachings in our faith that may cancel out another law from time to time when forced to chose the greatest good.

There are people who post here who have no clue what the church teaches and they can find good guidance from some posters but other poster would be happy to destroy the little faith they have. That is from experience in life as well as from reading responses because here are also persons who do not love God who come to stick pins in those of us who do.

To assume all responses are just or all posters have good intentions is naive. I find most posters here have good intentions but are living in a very small world while others have vast and open minds whose only parameters are church teaching. This is the world I wish to live in.

I do not accept the explanation of one saint for example as binding on us as catholics or as persons. Nor is God bound by the reasoning or explanation of the miraculous events of a popular saints life. We have a diverse group of heros in heaven not all fit the confines of holiness built here for them by many posters. For many people although they have good intentions and may even be telling the truth about one point they miss the true picture caught up in the confines of their own view of life.

For each person you list as being a great poster I could list the opposite. Persons who ridicule the belief in the Blessed Sacrament for example. This is their right but it is at the same time very foolish at least as far as their own salvation is concerned. They are erecting barriers betweent themselves and Christ. So you can go along thinking happy happy thoughts while others try and deal with real life problems.

I would never allow myself to be confined to any set of rules outside of the Church. My obedience to civil authority only flows from my obedience to the Church. Otherwise I would not recognise any authority over me but God alone. My attitude is not your attitude but that is what makes our Church so wonderful that we are always in the Church and in Heaven allowed to be ourselves.

I spent most of my life as a construction worker with a few years as a taxi driver. My knowledge of real life is more genuine then most persons. I have dealt with muggers and had many guns at my head and spits in the face enough to see life from both sides. I have also worked in auxillary police work and guarded prisoners my life has been in danger many times in various countries. I see reality as reality I color nothing and hide nothing for all will be exposed anyway. In fact if I had to lable myself I would say I am a man without guile. I have only one face. I do not believe in the use of flattery to make friends or to show I care about mankind. Nor do I think that admonishing a sinner or instructing the ignorant are unkind or a sign of impatience but are both acts of charity. All virtues can be vice if done for the wrong intention. Many people are kind when they really plan to rob you sell you drugs or to turn someone into a prostitute in the future.

This world like Heaven is diverse we have those called to minister to the choir and those called to minister to the stranger and those called to drag in people off the street and out of the ditches. None of these roles are dispensable. They take completely different types of personalities to achieve their mission. Though in the eyes of the world I may be dressed in rags I can be noble, I am a Catholic.


By the way no one needs to promote themselves as I saint God will do that in His Time in fact I agree with you my reason for saying these things is for your welfare.


My dear friend

Anyone in grace is a saint. To be a canonisable Saint you just need a lot of grace. All in heaven are Saints whether they were caonised or not. We just need to get to heaven to be a Saint. The church teaches that all are called to be Saints. A Saint is just an ordinary person who is extraordinarly human and loving. It may sound simple but that’s it. Becoming a Saint is the same goal as becoming the human being we were always meant to be. This is not extraordinary. It’s normal.I hope my post does not offend and is in keeping with the thread.

God bless you and pray for me:thumbsup::slight_smile:


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