Today's second reading question

The “not going to happen to us” is what is happening to all of us in Eastern Europe. The NGO-s have full support from a lot of media and EU legislation. To speak against LGBTQ is not legal in EU.
The Church is being censored and pays fines every time a priest talks “on the edge” about these issues (being wrong) on national media (TV, radio). The reason why not all media is being taxed is because the NGO-s want to also convince people on their agenda and they are careful not to make a martyr out of anyone (priest or lay) who speaks against them.
There are many reporters who support LGBTQ and they go Liturgies and religious travelling on purpose to catch priests saying “medieval stuff”, publish it online and let the fire spread. Some priests talk openly about it, they insist that is impossible to ask from the Church to teach anything else except what the Bible says, they face backlash and are harassed on the internet.
I don’t expect any priest to just go and risk it but I deeply respect those who do it anyway.
Probably the bishops advised the priests to speak about it sparingly.
Strictly speaking the homily is about the readings of the day, so we can’t accuse priests who don’t preach against them of doing anything wrong. I understand them. Also in EO some have families, children, it’s not easy to just be the bad guy when the other party is colorful and popular and speaks in great terms such as “love, liberty, tolerance, progress” but is very aggressive when they can be.

I’m not sure if that happens in Poland though, I mean, I read regularly the news here, and haven’t heard that. But it’s so unsurprising that this would happen… However, I think I’m sure that even though we are part of the EU (which I detest btw), people are not arrested or punished with fines for speaking out. And the reason is that I observe the situation rather closely (my husband even more so), and some people do talk against it publically. What happens is massive online hate, particularly on social media, partly in mainstream mass propaganda media etc. People lose jobs over it etc. And more and more often people anti-LGBT are sued for something or other (sometimes absurd), while the colorful guys destroy property and encourage assault or murder on social media (no joke).

As for priests, there are some who are very loud about it, mostly on youtube or some internet tv or Catholic newspapers. The same thing happens to them that happens to laymen, but as yet, no legal action unless sued (no automatic jail or fine because law was broken) - that will come too, I guess. Unless we stop them.

After the revolution contrrevolution comes - and as they say revolution eats its own children (at least that’s what we say here).

As for the reading and homilies - sometimes though the readings concern sin, or mortal sin, or Hell etc - perhaps it should be more reflected in general - in places where it’s not.
Sometimes episcopate issues a letter that is read instead of the homily, and there are times when it’s against LGBT related stuff. There are bishops and archbishops who talk about it from the pulpit - after all this is a very serious threat to families for instance, for kids and teens and so on - I don’t think we need some very special readings for that.

But all in all I agree with you of course.

This is a very interesting idea. Referring to another thread, maybe there shouldn’t be fundraising during the homily, in case it’s someone’s first or last exposure to Catholicism, or to Christianity in general.

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