Today's Televangelist

Just wondering what most of you think of the televangelist’s of today? Are they helping or hurting the Church? What do you make of their “prosperity gospel” and their lavish lifestyles? IMO, it’s very harmful.

I think there teachings that the Lord wants you to be rich,that you can have anything you want just send me $ is harmful and they take advantage of people who least can afford to send them money.These teachings are not new.The Calvanists taught that the "Elect"were pre-destined to have wealth and considered the poor were destined for hell.

I think that the prosperity gospel is harmful because it teaches that a sign or being a Christian is that a person gets wealth. So if you are in poverty then you must not be a ‘real’ Christian.:frowning:

Some Christians really do believe that God will not let anything unpleasant happen to them. I have no idea how they keep their faith when tragedy occurs.

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