Today's "The World Over"

I hope this the right place to post this. I’d like to have everyone watch EWTN’s
"The World Over" The topics are: health care reform and Kennedy and abortion.
So far the information has been excellent.

Not sure exactly what you’re referring to, but imho health care reform is necessary and good, Sen. Kennedy (assuming you’re referring to him and not JFK or RFK) is dead and deserves our prayers (as does his family and friends), and abortion is wrong.

Agreed completely. Also, I think that there is no reason EWTN needs to be talking about Senator Kennedy, nor do they need to get into American Politics. They just need to be clear and teach that abortion is wrong.

IMO, health care reform is necessary and good. We are the only developed nation in the world without a free national health care system. Yet we are the absolute filthy richest. As for Sen. Kennedy, I heard somewhere that he received Extreme Unction, so we should pray for his soul indeed. And of course, abortion is evil.

The World Over plays Friday on EWTN at 8PM

Did you just skip through the homepage for CA?
here’s the link:
#1.Political leaders need to hear Catholic teaching

I also believe Catholic voters need to hear Catholic teaching and standpoints on topics. To get a very diverse view of the news and political thinking you should turn to many sources of information. If EWTN wants to discuss politics, it can only benefit the viewer. It will help having a Catholic viewpoint on certain issues.

Don’t call it free. It’s the furthest thing away from free.
And If we don’t start paying off the national debt and if we don’t stop spending so much money we won’t be the richest nation in the world anymore.

The OP wasn’t making any opinions but informing us about topics discussed on a show.
EWTN has every right and responsibility to address health care, especially when it involves tax payer funded abortion and such.
EWTN has every right and responsibilty to discuss a public figure that claimed the Church yet defied Her publically by endorsing the culture of death.
EWTN is based in the US, it is an American entitiy, so speaking about something that effects American Catholics, such as American Politics, is prudent.
And yes abortion is evil.

So listening to commentary on these issues is wrong? Health care reform is necessary,
but the bills being proposed are far from reforming anything.

Why don’t you watch and then make comments?

As for Senator Kennedy, hopefully he did reconcile with the Lord, but his actions and
most of his life since rejecting his pro life beliefs speak loudly. His death is news and
since he proclaimed to be Catholic, commentary on a news show is valid. Especially
a Catholic news show.

Your thinking is so completely wrong minded it is beyond comprehension. You think God’s Church should not stand up against those that on a continual basis kill millions of innocent children. Sen. Kennedy was among the worst in this regard. If I were him I would dam* sure want a priest at my death bed too. I am sure that the millions of innocent children that met an premature end thanks to the good Senator will forgive him, and I hope God will too. Don’t You ever chastise Gods Church for calling a spade a spade. Mike Dye

Thanks for the heads-up. I will be sure to check out “The World Over.”

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