Todd Easton - how to contact? For Haydock HTML files

On Feb 2018, in the “haydock-bible-online-gone” thread, Todd Easton said:

"If you would like a copy of the old webpages (.html files) of the Haydock Bible and/or the Confraternity New Testament to store on your computer for your personal use, I would be happy to email a copy to you. Simply contact me at old website’s “Contact Us” email address: []("

I tried emailing that address but it didn’t work. I’d like to contact him to ask if he would send me just the Haydock HTML files. Would someone let him know about this thread please? I didn’t see any way to contact members here without making a new thread.

Thanks for your help.


Have you tried using the Wayback Machine? I don’t know the website, or I would look for myself.

The site is available on the Wayback Machine/Internet Archive but I want the HTML files. I tried the WHTTrack website downloader but can’t get it to work on sites that are only on the Internet Archive. If any one knows how to configure the HTTrack settings so that it will download a full site from the IA rather than just the index page, i’d be happy to learn.

Thanks for your reply.

Have you tried anything here?

What about this site…

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I have sent you a private message.

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Thank you very much for this information, @Xarto!

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The text Todd Easton had online (and which is still available via the Wayback machine, if someone wants to post the link in such a way that it gets around this forum’s ‘no-link’ rule), is significantly better than what’s available at ec2000 because:

  1. Ec2000 doesn’t have italics for Scripture quotes, which is a notable deficiency, especially for people who aren’t overly familiar with Scripture.
  2. There are various other words and phrases that Todd’s version has italicised that ec2000 doesn’t (because ec2000 doesn’t have any italics at all).
  3. Ec2000 only has the initial(s) of the commentator’s name, whereas Todd’s version has the name printed in full.
  4. Ec2000 only has the commentary, not the Scripture.
  5. Because it doesn’t have the Scriptures it doesn’t have the references to similar Scriptures, which Todd’s does have - marked by an asterisk with the reference at the end of the chapter.

Thanks Anesti for the link to the website rebuilders. At least now I know that HTTrack can’t download websites from Internet Archive. I’ve emailed Todd Easton so hopefully he’ll be able to send me the files without me having to use the services offered by those 3rd parties (even though they don’t charge a huge amount). Perhaps I’ll have to use them at some other time though.

Thanks for your replies.

This should bring up the old Haydock site if that’s what you’re after.

It opens on the Old Testament but you can click the link at top for the New Testament

Thanks JGD, I’m sure others will find that useful, both now and in the future.

Todd Easton has very kindly emailed the files to me, so now I have them on my hard drive. Many thanks Todd :slight_smile:

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