Toddler/Baby "Chewing Rosaries"?


I have been seeing more and more toddlers and babies at Mass with “Chewing Rosaries” made of silicone BPA free beads, with children biting and teething away. I have toddlers and babies myself, and have actually made them colorful wooden rosaries with their names to pray, because I feel this sadness when I see rosaries being intended to teeth on. Am I being too stern in my thoughts, or are these somewhat immoral? Thoughts please from those who have them or know what I am referring to, I do not understand this trend. Thank you.


Well, of course the babies aren’t doing anything wrong due to their extreme youth, but I understand how you feel. With so many colorful, safe, secular teething toys out there, I don’t think it’s unreasonable for hoping their parents choose something other than a rosary.


I think they’re fine. Many families use them for their babies to play with when the rest of the family is praying the rosary, or only at Mass, not as an everyday teether.

That said, it’s totally fine to say that they aren’t to your taste and I understand why, but I would stop far, far short of saying it’s “immoral” for them to be manufactured or given to babies.


I don’t think it’s immoral; I think it’s sacreligious.


I have/had a wooden set. It wasn’t blessed. He didn’t put in his mouth, but it was possible.

I personally hate to see people wear a rosary. I think this is a culture thing while I think it’s terrible I understand it may be coming from a sincere respectful place from another persons heart.


Well, you’re entitled to your opinion just as much as I am, I guess. :woman_shrugging:


I agree with you :slight_smile: also, when I say “immoral” I am not speaking of the children! I am speaking of the intent to choose a rosary intended to be teethed on, rather than prayed (so immoral for the purchaser of the rosary- parent/guardian IF/ONLY if this would be their intention) although there can be no way of knowing. If a rosary is purchased with teething beads, It would seem it is intended to be used to chew.


I also had, and have given my children a wooden set that have been blessed. They pray with them along with us, and my 1 year old knows the beads do not go in her mouth. Culture strongly emphasizes reading, and tells us to read to our children young, I believe teaching reverence and prayer at a young age is also VERY important! Yes, I do believe the wearing of rosaries is a cultural thing.


Another way to look at this might be: they are made for the very young, who are likely to put things into their mouths, so let’s make them durable and nontoxic.

My children have board book Bibles and other books about the saints, beginning prayers, saint peg dolls, etc. The point isn’t to give them things to chew on or be irreverent with, but introducing them to sacred things while very young and from the very beginning weaving that into their everyday lives.

Not everybody will introduce the faith to their children in this way and that’s fine. It sounds like it wouldn’t be a good fit for your spirituality. I’m just cautioning you about assuming other parents are being irreverent or careless.

(In the interest of full disclosure, my husband and I at the baptism prep classes we teach actually encourage new parents to try products like these to facilitate a habit of prayer and faith in the home, because so many came from homes that were only nominally Catholic. If we say, “wait until your child is old enough to handle blessed items that are easily broken,” that’s a lot less likely to happen. And younger siblings love to copy the bigs. Again, that’s definitely not the only way, but parents aren’t buying “Chews Life” rosaries for their kids because they don’t care about God.)


Thank you for your responses! I appreciate seeing your opinions and hearing your thoughts. I fully agree in introducing children to sacred things at early ages. I make rosaries for my children, with wooden beads and would simply remind them “Not in your mouth” if they tried to teeth on them, not “Chews Life”, but “LovingMotherRosaries”, as this is absolutely my spirituality to get holy items into the hands of our children. I believe we can also teach reverence at a young age, “This toy is okay to chew vs. this is what we use to pray, and it does not go in my mouth”. Thank you for your service to families, children, and the church in teaching Baptism prep classes!


Well, yes, I am. Babies don’t know what rosaries are. I’m all for giving young toddlers children’s rosaries as soon as they can comprehend they are religious objects and not toys.


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