Toddler Lily says the F-word on upcoming 'Modern Family'

On next week’s Modern Family, toddler Lily is going to use one of the worst of George Carlin’s famous Seven Words You Can Never Say on Television

Ah yes----nothing like trying to be “too hip” for our time and place. :rolleyes:

More evidence of the moral deterioration and secularization of the media and society. There’s something to be said when even some in the Comments section in the article are criticizing this.
Who comes up with these ideas in Hollywood, anyway?

Through the prayers of the Mother Of God, have mercy on us and save us. Amen. :shrug:

Why is the “F word” a moral issue?

My guess is that it’s a toddler who’s going to be dropping the F bomb.

Ya think? :rolleyes:

Obviously an enterntainment industry so desperate for ratings (and so “hip”) that it would lower itself to the idea of showing a TODDLER speaking profanities on TV speaks volumes about the disintegration of respect for God in our society and the"anything goes" mentality inherent in our civilization.

Maybe THAT’S the issue?:shrug::blush::eek:

Glad I don’t watch sitcoms. :rolleyes:

Yes, because Lily will be the first child in the history of mankind to repeat what she heard and say the F word.

Also, swearing is not immoral. It may be crass, but it is not sinful.

This isn’t going to be a popular opinion, but here it goes anyway.

Words only have power that we assign to them. It’s a word. I don’t care who says a particular word. It could be a two-year old or a 90-year old. I simply don’t care. The show is doing it to create waves. It’s obviously working because there’s a thread here about the very action before it even happens.

I don’t watch the show at all. So, I don’t have any particular like or hate causing my apathy. In my opinion, the best way to handle these things, shrug your shoulders and move on. Fight the stuff worth fighting. A curse word isn’t worth fighting to me.

True----I have heard toddlers swear sometimes-------and even I admit it CAN be funny----in a “crass” (as you say), tasteless sort of way-----
the thing is, this show is doing it deliberately for “cheap laughs” and ratings----plus, given the fact that the show (from my point of view) is inappropriate and normalizing of certain “lifestyles” and attitudes-----it just further confirms my suspicion that Hollywood andthe TV networks just want to be vulgar for vulgarity’s sake. There’s no context to this.

Just vulgar behavior from a vulgar show that tries to push vulgar behavior to American society in general.

MY point of view, of course.

I’m not asking anybody to “fight” against this. I don’t think anybody is.

Just pointing out another instance of the vulgarization and cheapening of societal standards as inherent in TV and Movies.

That’s all. Good point, though. :thumbsup::thumbsup:

Oh, I know. My post wasn’t directed at you or anyone else. It was simply my opinion. :slight_smile:

Perhaps this is just further proof of the vulgarization of society, but I don’t think it’s even being done to drive ratings. It’s not even sweeps week, and if I were to read this, I wouldn’t even think it was a big deal. It’s a writing decision, and it’s part of a storyline, but I don’t think it has anything to do with ratings or being trying to push its baby-sweating agenda on the rest of the population.

I agree.

Also, I’m confused. Is it bleeped out? Or do you just hear about it on the show from characters that she said it? Because I’m pretty sure that word is still not allowed on network TV.

Edit, nevermind I see now that the word is inaudible to the viewer.

Well then I see it as even less of a big deal than I did to begin with. It said she’s somehow picked up the word and family is horrified that she will say it in front of others at a wedding. What is wrong with this situation? That’s a very relatable situation. I think almost everyone with kids has heard one of them say an unsavory word they picked up from day care or school and then worried about who they were going to say it in front of.

I could see this episode being more upsetting if the adults in the show were encouraging it, but this isn’t offensive at all.

I watched the first episode of Modern Family for a college class; the show from the very start was created solely out of trying to be that ‘Hip’ and ‘Edgy’ show that the liberals of today can fawn over.

Among the distasteful things about it

This old man that looks like he’s in his sixties is married to a 30ish Columbian woman with a son. The first time I saw this I thought “Is he her sugar daddy or something? This just doesn’t look right.” Considering the woman’s backstory was living in a columbian town with a high murder rate (said in the show), I was almost expecting that she married him just to get a Visa to the USA.

Then there is the average nuclear family in the show, oh boy are they boring beyond belief. The two kids are boring, the father is boring, the wife is boring…I don’t hate sitcoms my two favorite are “Everybody Loves Raymond” and “King of Queens”. “Modern Family” just feels like they didn’t put any effort into making this family enjoyable and tried to focus on the family with age disparity parents and the gay couple.

With that being said, There is the gay couple. Oh man the gay couple. Besides the immorality of it the fact is their a giant stereotype too. Their flaming, their flirtatious with one another, pretty sure I remember at least one of them had a lisp of some sort, thankfully no crossdressing. Oh and what else? Oh why they have an adopted baby of course! With the first episode showing that they considered IVF with one of their lesbian friends before deciding to adopt a korean baby. Oh and the father of one of them (who is the man married to the 30 year old in the show) apparently isn’t comfortable with his son being gay, but this issue isn’t really all that big of an issue-he still visits and doesn’t really show any animosity about it or the child they adopted.

Having given that out, honestly seeing them hype up that one of the toddlers is going to say the F word doesn’t surprise me.

I just got the feeling that this was done solely for the sake of being “controversial” for the sake of being controversial. As well as it is also aimed at cheap laughs-----to ME. :shrug::shrug:

Having given that out, honestly seeing them hype up that one of the toddlers is going to say the F word doesn’t surprise me.




This. I have a distinct memory of “Angelica” (not her real name), the little girl whom my mother used to babysit about fifteen years ago, saying the F-word at age two, clearly to try and get a rise out of us. It upset me more than my mother, who was horrified, but handled it tactfully: “Angelica, that word isn’t pretty.” She never used it again.

yeah probably

Should they be charged with sexual child abuse?
They want publicity even bad publicity right?

Why is the “F word” a moral issue?

Because it takes a word that is associated with something sacred and beautiful - the act of love - and turns it into a cheap expression that people misuse in order merely to shock or insult.

It cheapens both the word and the act.

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