Toddler slippers


My god- daughter is 13 mos old and walking like crazy. Her mom said she needs some slippers w/ treads to wear around the house. She can undo velcro, so they have to be something that will stay on. She needs a size 3 - 4. What do you moms of toddlers suggest?? —KCT


Robeez. :thumbsup:

Styles for girls:


** We use “Jack and Lily” (what else? lol;)) that are like Robeez.

There are also socks with treads made as water shoes but also make great indoor slippers called “Bical grippers”**


Any of the soft-soled leather shoes (all the relatives called them moccasins when Gianna wore them to Thanksgiving :rolleyes: ) would work great. They provide great traction, and they stay on pretty well. They have cheaper ones at Babies R Us, that aren’t the name brand Robeez but just as good. I think they even used to have some at Target. I do have a pair of real Robeez that I got on clearance, they’re the fake-fur lined boots for this winter. SO cute!


Thanks, I’ll look into these! —KCT


Just wanted to add that DS has a pair from Target. Not Robeez brand but seem the same - just made in China :shrug: His are blue with dog heads- very cute and half the cost of the name brand ones. He loves taking his socks off, so he wears them around the house when it’s chilly to keep his feet covered.


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