Toe nail polish and toddlers?


Okay, so DH and I are butting heads here. I don’t see anything wrong with our 18mo DD having her nails painted. That’s what little girls do. I see it as the same as playing dress-up.

DD thinks that it is inapropriate for a girl of this age to be wearing any make-up (nail polish is included). He feels that it is “sexing up in a way because it makes them something they’re not.”

Any thoughts on 18mo girls wearing nail polish? Think pink sparkles not blood red.


is it the bonnie bell kind made for kids stuff? Or just regular nail polish…i seem to remember that bonnie bell was supposed to be more kid “friendly”…as to sexing her up i don’t really see a problem with doing so.

if y’all had a son would he pretend shave with him?? I could see if this was eye makeup etc…but its not:)


I don’t like to see nail polish on little girls at all. I guess pink sparkles are better than vixen red or gothic black, but still … I just wince to see it. Little children are perfect already. Their freshness is what makes them beautiful. Nail polish, pierced ears, temporary tattoos … it’s all so unnecessary and ugly, like graffiti on a great piece of art.


Personally, I think toe nail polish is fun. It’s just a part of being a little girl, even when you are a toddler. I have fond memories of giving my daughter and all her friends manicures and pedicures at sleepovers when she was little, and we still love to give them to eachother on weekends. It’s a girl thing that has absolutely nothing to do with getting “all sexed up.” I guess your husband just doesn’t understand because he is not a girl.


My little girl is 3 and she saw me painting my toes and begged to have hers painted too. Actually, involving her in the process was the only way I was able to get my own toes painted. I see the point your husband is making, though, and before I had my own kids I might have thought the same thing. But, she enjoys it so much and goes around saying “My toes are painted!” It really is very innocent and I never really thought of painted toes as sexy, just kind of girly. I can actually see both sides of it. Maybe as a compromise you can only paint them for special occasions like birthdays or something.



I occassionally paint my dd’s toes and fingernails (usually after they’re freshly cut) with either sparkly polish or shiny polish and then she walks around and showes everyone her “shiny” or “parky” polish. I usually buy Wet 'N Wild for her b/c it’s cheap and most of their colors are FUN colors, not sexy.


For the record, I am a 25 year old woman who was once a little girl, and I do have a child. Just in case someone thinks I’m out of touch.


I polish my daughters’ toes, and the first time I did it (around 18 mos for both) I polished mine the same color and my husband took pictures of our feet together. The pics really came out cute.

Your daughter just wants to be like mommy. She is not thinking on the level of your husband (getting all sexed up), and I don’t find anything wrong with it at all. To me, it’s in a girl/woman’s nature to want to feel pretty. Just wait 'til she wants a dab of your lipstick…your husband will almost certainly fall over with chest pains! :smiley:


Pink sparkly nails are cute, not sexy. Little girls are cute, not sexy. Sophie will have her toes painted as soon as they are big enough to accommodate any polish. :slight_smile:


Amen to that! :thumbsup:



Hmm. My mom let me wear light pink toenail polish, and sometimes she would let me dab on a bit of her perfume. It wasn’t about sexing me up, it was about me playing with girl things and wanting to be pretty like Mommy. The line was always very clearly drawn at wearing “real” makeup (lipstick, eye makeup, etc.) outside of the house, at least until I was in middle school. I think I turned out okay. :slight_smile:


From a man’s persepctive I find women’s painted toes sexy, I always assumed that’s why women painted their toes and wore nice shoes to begin with.

That said, on a little girl it wouldn’t be sexy at all, just like make-up or a bikini wouldn’t be sexy either for a little girl. But it is attributing something that is normally sexy for a grown woman onto a young girl, or maybe not even sexy but “grown up” IMO. And it may scare the dad a bit, why not just not paint her toes if it bothers your husband? Would it be the end of the world? I’m sure you wouldn’t want him to do something that bothered you even if he felt you were being ridiculous or paranoid.



Well he won’t like my house then. lol
We pierce the girls ears by 4 weeks and they leave the hospital with toe polish, maybe even nail polish. Always little girl colors, no racey red or babaric blacks.

It’s no different than a hair bow, imo. It’s just a girly-girl accessory.

My girls have never worn any make up other than colorless chap stick.

For feast days, I’ve been known to do face paint or homemade temp tats. Green shamrocks, lillies on a cross, scared heart, ect… but that’s not restricted to the girls. I even let my 2nd oldest ds get “J.M.J.” shaved into his hair once at his request. (after spending every public moment for a week or 2 explaining what it meant and being rather shocked at some people’s ignorance/ rudeness - he didn’t request it again) I’ve braided my dd’s hair into a heart shape and use those oriental hair stick thingies as “swords”…

**I consider myself a fairly strict parent. Fair being the key word in there.:slight_smile: **


I LOVE painting my dd’s toenails! We usually make it a mommy-daughter time, and she gets so excited. I think they look adorable on her, and she is a very girly girl, so why not?



I am a grandmother who really enjoys having pedicures with my "older"grand daughters age 10 and up. The little girls, (age 2 and up) in our family love the sparkly polish and they are cute as can be. No lipstick, rouge, etc., just polish. We They don’t look sexy at all, just cute. My daughter took a picture of my grand daughters and me right after our last pedicure. So much fun.

Love and peace, Mom of 5


Just one caveat here from the medical perspective:
Be careful of nail polish with tolulene–quite a few of them have it, especially the cheaper ones. This additive is definitely no good and can cause health problems, especially with little ones.

I remember (as a nail biter) pulling off strips of polish–so there is a possible choking hazzard here as well for very little ones.

But parents know their own children best. I wore my share of Tinkerbell lipstick, nail polish, and glitter from the age of 3-4. And I did stop biting my nails because bad as they looked without polish, with bitten polish they looked 100 x worse–and with nice unbitten polish they looked “pretty.”


I waited until my little girl was 3 and then I only did it at home with her, not for the public. Just a little fun playtime with mommy.


Did your husband have any sisters? My dad only had brothers and he freaked about all of that. Even when I was in college and dyed my hair a little off of natural. The nail polish and make-up were so hard on him. Though in high school I did have fun with the goth make-up even though it tortured him (annoying parents and some teachers may have been most of it)


Actually I’d have to say I’m of the opposite opinion. For some reason I have always found nail polish on women unattractive, and some colors I just find outright revolting on nails (red, black, blue, purple, etc…). I have never figured out why.


The only time I ever painted a child’s toenails was when I had twin girls. I painted the oldest twin’s big toenails so I wouldn’t mix up the babies. By the time it wore off, I knew which kid was which!

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