"Together 2016" Will Include Pope Francis


Evangelical Christians are in the works to bring together several Christian speakers, leaders, artists, and pastors, as well as Pope Francis (via a video message) on July 16th.
The event is called Together 2016 (aka Reset 2016). I find this to be a very interesting and inspiring event, and I think it’s great that the Pope will be included.
Nick Hall (Masters degree Bethel Seminary in St. Paul, MN.), who sits on the leadership teams for the US Lausanne Committee, the National Association of Evangelicals, and the student advisory team for the Billy Graham Evangelistic Association is the person in charge putting this together.

“More than thousand churches from all across the nation have already pledged their participation in the event. To coordinate service opportunities within a 100-mile radius of Washington, D.C., PULSE is also partnering with many local organizations. Individuals, churches, and youth and college groups would be able to take advantage of these service opportunities.”

“Together 2016 is the day our generation will meet on the National Mall to come together around Jesus in unified prayer, worship, and a call for catalytic change. We’re coming together with as many people as possible who believe Jesus changes everything.”

I hope we will all join in prayer with the thousands of Christians that will be attending this event, on 7/16/16. :crossrc::highprayer::gopray2::crossrc: :highprayer: :gopray2:


I find it important in view of the present and future, that we give each other safe passage for the sake of what we have in common (while frank in a relaxed way about differences).

I am so privileged I have experienced this phenomenon so much already, from childhood on.


This is very good. I am glad that Pope Francis is getting respect from many different types of Christians. Maybe we can reunify some day.


This is quite impressive. I wonder why Catholics aren’t talking about this more.


I hope Pope Francis attends. And you know what I mean. :slight_smile:


No, I don’t. :blush:


Sounds like it’s not a meeting or conference so much as a proposed international day of solidarity amongst Christians. So, it’s not something he would attend in person, per se, but may be able to call attention to.

Edit: on closer examination, it does sound like an actual, physical conference. It would be terrific if Pope Francis attended, but maybe he could telecommute.

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