Tokyo medical school admits changing results to exclude women


News of this motivated women to start sharing their stories under the hash tag #私たちは女性差別に怒っていい

Here is a translation of some of the stories.


Sounds like Japan has some discrimination issues in medical school admissions.

We have our own set of those discrimination issues too (affirmative action makes discriminatory decisions based upon the color of your skin and ethnicity).

Here is political satirist Mark Dice talking about the discrimination against Asian Americans in the USA in the area of medical school.


I recall working with several Japanese women as colleagues over the years who all talked of this kind of issue been a problem in Japan. Several of them were highly educated and pointed out back home that could be real problem when looking for a fiancé as men did not respond well to dealing with women more educated than they were. That of course is true in many places but seems to even more of an issue in Japan and Korea. One Korean young lady I knew held a Phd and that effectively finished her off as marriageable material in Korea. I saw that up close when she was talking to Korean guys who would ascertain her level of education and terminate conversations in places like bars or nightspots. They seemed obsessed by asking ladies questions concerning these subjects quite early on in casual chats.


Listening to some of the stories it sounds like the Tokyo Medical School is only one actor of many. This appears to be a societal problem. Women reported hearing from earlier on about the limits of their potential for being a women. In the stories read in a video above there was a woman that was coerced to write a letter of resignation, told she could not leave the room until she did. Another woman reported being told that she would be the perfect candidate for some position if she were only a man. From randomly looking at some of the other stories not in the video it looks that there’s a strong perspective that a woman is not a worth while investment as an employee because she might decide to quit and have a family and not available to meet some of the work demands (I understand 12 hour work days are not unusual).

Sanrio (most known for one of their brands, “Hello Kitty”) recently released a cartoon named Aggretsuko ( アグレッシブ烈子). It was part of a push to make some new characters that they could market to adult women. I watched it on Netflix and thought it was a weird little show; the main character,a red panda named Retsuko ((烈子) goes to work and tolerates her boss (his character is a literal pig, as in the animal) condescending and saying things about her being inferior because she is a woman (he is also a figurative pig). Most evening she goes and does heavy metal karaoke to let off some steam. When I first saw the cartoon I thought that the way that her boss acted to be extremely exaggerated. But after reading the accounts that these women have shared of their experiences I’m now thinking it wasn’t as exaggerated as I thought, and possibly not at all for some women’s experiences.

That’s not to say that women in my own and other countries haven’t had societal walls to deal with. , as there are long histories of that. But I’m sure there will be many future stories to which those specific histories will be relevant.


That’s Confucian society for you.


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