Toledo's last abortion clinic has license revoked


The Ohio Department of Health has issued an order to revoke the license of Toledo’s only remaining abortion clinic effective Aug. 12.

Interim Director of Health Lance Himes signed the adjudication order on Tuesday, “refusing to renew and revoking” the health-care facility license of Capital Care Network. The West Sylvania Avenue clinic has 15 days after the mailing of the notice to file an appeal and request that a court stay the order pending that appeal.

Mr. Himes’ decision follows a recommendation from a state hearing examiner in June that the clinic be shuttered because it does not hold a valid emergency-care agreement with a local hospital, a requirement of state law.


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Praise The Lord, Thanks Be To God.


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Yes! More and more abortion clinics are being shut and more and more people are taking pro-life stances. The way things are going abortion may eventually be gotten rid of in America. Then, hopefully, other countries might follow suite.


Thanks be to God!


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