Tom Cruise’s Religion in the Spotlight Over Forced Abortion Allegations

CANBERRA, Australia, March 10, 2010 ( – The Church of Scientology, popularly known as the church to which Hollywood superstar Tom Cruise belongs, is facing increased scrutiny in Australia and elsewhere over allegations that the organization has abused members and even coerced women psychologically into having abortions.

Australia’s Senate plans to vote soon on whether to conduct an inquiry into the allegations of the church’s abuse of Australians, and especially of members of the Sea Organization, Scientology’s elite religious group, whose members sign a billion-year contract to serve Scientology for millions of lifetimes.

Senator Nick Xenophon fired the first salvo in this latest battle with Scientology in November 2009, after receiving a letter from former church members relating their experiences of the church sanctioning forced abortions, assault, imprisonment, concealing sexual abuse, embezzling funds and performing blackmail.


But the Catholic Church is the only one with abuse problems. :rolleyes:

This does not surprise me a bit.


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