Tom Cruise

Apparently the Actor is causing quite a stir in Germany
What it doen’t mention is I believe the character he is to play is Catholic
As were a number of the Genreal Staff officers who opposed Hitler
Also many leaders of the post war German miricle

Yes, they were. A lot of the officers in the German army were seduced by Hitler’s appeal to their patriotism. After WWI, German was slapped by heavy penalties by the Allies, and then there was the hyperinflation of the late 1920s. Hitler promised a return to German greatness and it wasn’t till later that a lot of people found out what a monster he was.

I am so not a fan of Tom Cruise. But I am so glad that a movie is being made about Hitler. I hope that the portrayal is fairly accurate (or at least as accurate as Hollywood can be). I am just shocked at how many young children are growing up without knowing about Hitler and then there are rumours that it all was made up even.

I realize that its a generational thing and it makes perfect sense why my kids don’t know who Hitler was and what a monster he was…just like they can’t imagine life without a microwave. But I just think we need to be reminded of these things, because it was to horrible to believe, but it was true


I don’t understand the hype about Scientology. I think they are a persecuted religion and as a persecuted religion ourselves, we should call out the media’s bias whenever the media or government is being unfair.

They may even be more prone to listen to our beliefs if we do this.

Not a religion at all. They are a cult and are DANGEROUS.

I don’t know, nor do I care if they are a religion. But what is so dangerous about them? From what I have seen, they essentially are atheistic pop psychology movement. Other than the dangers to the soul, what are they *objectively *doing? Are they dangerous to children, like the Branch Davidians, or are they dangerous to themselves, like Heaven’s Gate?

I wish Tom Cruise would marry Rosie O’Donnell and they’d move to some island somewhere with no contact with the outside world. :rolleyes:

A website by a former member

They are very dangerous to Christian groups of all persuasions.It was founded by a man who’s son has attested that he thought himself to be the antichrist… literally.

They themselves may not be harmfull people by themselves, but the theology they follow is fundamentally dangerous, simply because it was founded by a man who may not have had all his marbles in the right places. They are dangerous to themselves and to others because this incorrect, flawed and dangerous theology is unknowingly and unsuspectingly used to warp people’s minds and empty their pockets.

Around here it is regarded rather dangerous to criticize them. A few years back they put a rattlesnake in one critic’s mail box.

I’m surprised no-one commented on the Fact the this German hero was a devout Catholic as were a great Number of the General Staff officers involved in a number of plot’s to depose Hitler starting in 1937.
I’m sure that will be lost in the Movie
All of whom were executed. It’s not apparent to us but these men
are important German Hero’s

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