Tom Hanks blasts Mormon support for prop. 8 as "unamerican",2933,480167,00.html

Here is another actor to boycot. I don’t undestand why actors feel the need to get involved in politics or religion. I’m not going to a film because I want religious or political direction, it’s a cheap form of entertainment. I wish actors like him and Cruise would keep their mouths shut about p&r and stick to acting.

People like Hanks lives in a bubble of opinion. Ill-informed, half-educated and credulous, they imagine themelves to be among the elite, the enlightened.

He kind of lost me what he acted the lead in the film which threw doubt on the Church’s integrity and our Christian truths. Though fiction, such a film, along with the book, plants seeds of doubt in susceptible people.This man is a good actor, so I was disappointed that he gave his name and gifts to a movie which is probably responsible for loss of faith in who knows how many vulnerable souls.
Hopefully God will counteract the misguided scandal to souls given by some people in the public eye, and the support they give to unChristian values.

I find Tom Hanks’s opinion to be unAmerican in the sense that it’s the American Way of life to have freedom of speech and support freedom of ideas and laws and positions without fear of government reprisal.

I wonder if he objected to anyone calling him unAmerican if he had opposed the war in Iraq. :rolleyes:

Hanks is nothing new,
just another snobby elitist Liberal.

I believe that the Spirit of Liberalism is
the Spirit of the AntiChrist – seriously I do –
because Liberalism condones what Scripture and the Magisterium
are against, and vehemently so. The ISM is ferociously pro-Abortion, militantly pro-homosexualism, pro-Legalized Porno as a matter of free speech, etc etc etc.
I really believe Liberalism, though mixed with SOME good
ideas for social justice - is inherently evil.
In fact, there was a book by 2 Catholic priests
called Liberalism is a Sin. I would like to read that book
to see if I agree with what the 2 priests say.

Well modern day USA liberalism is not the liberalism talked about in that book.
It talks about liberalism as a philosophical concept. The USA was built on classical liberal values.

Modern day USA liberalism isn’t ‘liberalism’.

I am on the left of the spectrum, almost socialist. I love God and am 100% pro life.
How is liberalism ‘inherently evil’?

Exactly: freedom is applies to everyone, or it isn’t really freedom at all.

Frankly, I think the Mormons are taking the hit on this because the gay community realizes [thanks to Mitt Romney’s campaign, in part] that the general public isn’t all that comfortable with Mormonism.

And the Mormons took the lead in the fight because they know polygamists will be the next in line to re-define marriage, after the gays have opened the floodgates. Most Mormons aren’t comfortable with polygamy, and would just as soon forget their own roots. Probably want everyone else to forget, too.


Honestly, who cares what Tom Hanks and other celebrities think? Why should the way a celebrity thinks be considered news in the first place? I wouldn’t make such a big deal about his comments because it seems like that is exactly what celebrities want: more publicity

Just another reason why I like tom hanks

I think you can make a Christian case for gay marriage, though perhaps not a good one as I know our Holy Father is opposed to it.

I don’t think you can make a Christian case for demonizing* those with whom you disagree, as Hanks has done here.

*Except for actual demons, I suppose;) ]

Yeah…and they’re almost always over-the-top liberal. They fail to realize that the cacoon in which they live (Hollywood) doesn’t encompass reality. Theirs is a fake world, literally. They can’t distinguish it from the real world, and make fools of themselves by trying to meld the two together. Look at *Brangelina *-- unmarried, with kids, galavanting around the world, promoting child-rescue, adopting, procreating, basically running a mini-child-factory, yet unwilling to get married. *What are they thinking??? * It’s surreal.

This comment isn’t what got me about him. After his part in the Da Vinci Code, if I remember correctly, Italians were so angry with him (and all the others who worked on the film: producer, director, etc) that Italy has banned him from ever entering the country again or he’ll get arrested. I have decided that Tom Hanks will be banned from my TV or computer for the same reason. I refuse to give my money to a man who so greatly blasphemed our LORD. I know boycotting his movies won’t have any impact whatsoever on him, but I feel it’s a form of compliance in evil to buy his movies now.

As to his comment: since when is voting your mind “unamerican”? Last I checked, using your right to vote to get legislation passed was part of the essence of being an American. But oh well, I guess in his eyes, as in many others, it is only “American” to vote for liberal, immoral policies.

That maybe a…little…much

Hanks apologizes:,2933,482266,00.html

alrighty then.

But I still won’t pay to see his movies. He makes his choices and I make mine.

What you said! :thumbsup: :thumbsup: :thumbsup:

These people all went bonkers when Obama was elected. Well, all I’ve got to say is: he’s mortal, just like us ‘ordinary folks’, just dust and ashes.

If anything, I think I should boycott Tom Hanks because he makes a claim that a certain part of society is un-American. All Americans are American, and that makes no difference, liberal or conservative! :mad:

“Homosexualism” is not a word.

It’s not.

After reading this thread here makes me glad I dont watch the news or get involved in politics and religion.

Unconditional support of patriotic wars may be a patriotic virtue, but I’m not sure it’s a Christian one.

As for Hanks, his stock is at an all-time low in my book.

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