Tom Magliozzi, Car Talk Host, Dies


Another person to keep in our prayers. I love listening to their show. I listen each week to their podcast where they play a previous show.


My condolences, I’ve heard a variety of these kinds of auto-repair shows. I think I use to listen to car talk on Saturday afternoons years ago.


I listen because of how funny they are. There isn’t an episode that I don’t bust out laughing at least once.


That’s sad.

I’m not a car person and have absolutely zero interest in learning about car repair but I used to listen to that show evey once in a while. They were very funny and very entertaining. Maybe it’s just me but they reminded me of Flo and Eddie from The Turtles (okay it probably is just me haha).


Sad news.


a very funny man with a raucous laugh


Hopefully St. Peter’s car will now be running better for his daily drive to the Pearly Gates.



Those guys were a rip.



Praying for the repose of Tom Magliozzi’s soul.


Oh, how sad. I loved these guys - it’s been a few years since I listened to them, but liked them for years.


I was glad to hear what a rich and wonderful life he had. I always enjoyed their humor.


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