Tomb of st.peter


is there any real evidence for st.peter being buried in rome? i heard that digging has gone on for a long time, but to no findings. this isnt criticism, im catholic.


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This link has tons of information on it:


No findings?

You are unaware, then, of the Scavi tour at the Vatican that takes you to Peter’s tomb under St. Peter’s Basilica.


slow down, slow down. you mean they have found him? how do they know for sure? link please?


check out the Vatican website;)
here is there link, in case you did not have it:D …


would that just be


sorry, i dint see the link


Uh no.
The Vatican has their own website (what you linked to I have no idea what that is) I gave you the link to it.
In case you need it again…


:smiley: OK…then disregard my post above


where exactly on that site would i find info specficly on the relics of st.peter? i cant find it. i type it in, but it just gives results on the basilica.


Here’s Wikipedia’s article, for a start.’s_tomb


Here is a new advent article also.


Here’s the Catholic Encyclopedia’s article on St. Peter’s Tomb:


LOL, Stephen, you just beat me to it.

I seem to recall reading somewhere that the skeleton in the tomb was missing its feet. (I’ll have to look for the reference.) This lends credence to the fact that the bones are indeed that of St. Peter, since tradition records that he was crucified upside-down. To save time, Romans usually just chopped the feet off to remove the body when prisoners were executed this way.


Here is the link to the Scavi tour information on the Vatican website.


I have been to the tomb of St Peter, at the Vatican, under the main alter of St Peters Basilica. On the rest I am going from memory as to what I was told. This finding was made this last century during excavations in the part of the Basilica under the main floor. A tomb was found with markings indicating it was St Peters tomb. Forensic examination found soil from the Circus Maximus area where tradition said St Peter was crucified in an upside down position. The tomb itself was directly beneath the Papal altar in St Peters. This is about all I remember. While I have been to Rome and the Vatican 6 or 7 times, this first trip was in the 80’s. I am sure there is more to it, but that’s all I remember.
Deacon Ed B


Deacon Ed.

I remember a bit more. When we were on the tour, in addition to the Graphitti wall (covered with symbols saying, “St Peter Pray for us”) the bones were wrapped in thin wire made of Gold. Apprently the bones had been moved and were wrapped in a cloth with gold threads interwoven. The cloth had rotted away leaving only the gold threads behind.

When the excavators found the bones of St Peter they removed them and encased them in plexiglas and returned them to the tomb where they can now be seen on the Scavi Tour.


There are no longer any serious arguments against it. Serious researchers, secular and ecclesial, agree. In fact, I believe one archaeologist stated that the evidence for St.Peters’ tomb is far more convincing than that for Hannibal. How many people serious researchers doubt Hannibal?


Do I recall hearing that St. Peter’s tomb is directly under the apex of his Basilica? I mean, if you cut a hole through the six stories of underground, and dropped a plumb-bob from the peak of the Basilica, that it would be right over his tomb.

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