Tommy Tuberville Must Have Skipped Civics Class

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That’s okay. Democrats oppose the limits on those three branches, a much more dangerous position.


You must be an Auburn fan.

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Oh, goodness no. Nittany Lions.
I’m a fan of the constitutional limits on the general government. Article 1 section 8 and the 9th and 10th amendments.

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Well, at least your team is in the Big Ten. That earns you a little credit I guess.

They’re at the bottom of the Big Ten. :frowning:

Thanks in part to my Buckeyes!

That’s understandable. But Maryland? :flushed:

Well, they got their comeuppance. They’re down with Covid.

Well, can’t wish that on anyone.

The county College Park is in is mandating mask wearing outdoors unless vigorously exercising.

Cases are on the rise in the DMV. Yes people around the nation’s capital, the District, Maryland and Virginia refer to the area that way. I hate it.

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What’s wrong with a football coach running for office? What are the “acceptable” entry careers?

From reading the article, I think it was more a mistake than a lack of knowledge. Had Biden said it a lot of people on CAF would be dismissing it, but when a republican says it, it is national news…


" Mr. Tuberville also said he planned to use his Senate office to raise money for two Republican senators in Georgia who are facing runoff elections that will determine control of the chamber. Senate ethics rules bar the use of official resources for campaign purposes.

And in another exchange, he erroneously said that Mr. Gore, the Democratic presidential nominee in 2000, was president-elect for 30 days during an intense, protracted recount and legal battle. Neither Mr. Gore nor George W. Bush were considered the president-elect during that process.

The interview amounted to the most in-depth remarks Mr. Tuberville had given since he was elected last week. He cut a low profile on the campaign trail, rarely making himself available to reporters other than those at conservative outlets, but had positioned himself as a staunch supporter of President Trump."

I think what we’re seeing is a non-politician getting a stark awakening to hostile media.


I’d hope he’s a quick learner. I have no problems with legislators not previously being lawyers but, I do expect them to be knowledgeable about the constitution.

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Sarah Palin in pants? I think the guy is unprepared for his senatorial position. He seems like Alabama’s version of Jim Bunning. I don’t think Scottie Pippen would make a good senator, either.


If that’s the case, then Alabama picked a good one. Palin is far from polished, but she did a good job as governor of Alaska and would have been a good vice president.

At least she came in with some experience in government. Usually, senators start in state government somewhere. Was this guy even on a school board? Dog catcher? From coach to senate is a bit of a leap. If he can learn quick, maybe the media won’t eat him alive?

Good. Elected Democrats do that , too.

Exactly, because a candidate becomes president elect when the EC says so.

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I suspect that any major college football coach is well aware of the hostile media.

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