Tomorrow. Day of reparation for the Pachamama rituals

Remember, tomorrow (Friday 6 December 2019) is the day four Exorcists called for day of reparation after Pachamama rituals.

The priests suggest the Rosary and prayers to the Sacred Heart, as well as “some form of penance, such as fasting, abstinence and other forms of mortification”


Can these reparations be more important than the Feast of St. Nicholas?
I don’t think it’s ok to advise for mourning on a day the Church has for hundreds of years declared as a Feast.
Exorcists are not infallible. Their line of work is dangerous and they all need our prayers. I don’t think God would instruct to mourn against a Feast of the Church.


St. Nicholas’s day is a memorial (an optional one at that), not a feast or solemnity. So since it falls on a Friday this year, the Friday retains its penitential character (only solemnities override that). It is still appropriate (and in many places mandatory) to do penance on this day.

Finally, St. Nicholas, as an ardent and rigid defender of orthodoxy, would no doubt be a fitting saint to ask for intercession in “driving out any diabolic influence within the Church that has been gained as a result of recent events.”


I see. But they let us eat fish tomorrow and I feel really dizzy and I must admit very hungry.
Would just the prayers to him this matter be enough?

I’m not sure what the prevailing discipline is where you live, but my understanding is if fasting is going to adversely affect your health, you shouldn’t do so. Taking extra time to pray is always a worthy penance if you can’t do other things.

Just to add, I think you could certainly still celebrate the traditional St. Nicholas Day customs if you have kids, while still doing some extra praying or penances for this intention if you so choose.


If I remember correctly - Mary 888 is Eastern Rite and for us St Nicholas of Myra is a Feast. As it falls in the Philip’s Fast [ Advent Fast ] the normal Friday fast is mitigated to be a’ Fish and Wine ’ day.


You can always fast and pray throughout the day and when it comes to supper time you can enjoy some fish and than ask St. Nick to pray for the church. Two birds, one stone.


Reading all of the screeching articles and blog posts is penance enough for me!

St Nicholas Day is a celebration.


Reparation for the Pope’s sins. To be clear, that’s what’s really being asked here, right? I’m not comfortable with what happened during the Synod, but I also am not yet prepared to take the plunge and openly condemn the Holy Father.


Here’s another good reason for this day to be dedicated to acts of reparation and purification against pollution from idols. From “The Life of The Holy Hierarch and Wonderworker Nicholas Archbishop Of Myra in Lycia”

At that time there remained still many Hellenic temples, to which impious people were attracted by devilish suggestion and many inhabitants of Myra remained in perdition. The archbishop of the Most High God, animated by Divine zeal, visited all these places, destroying and turning into dust the temples of the idols and purifying his flock from diabolical defilement. Thus fighting with evil spirits, St. Nicholas came to the temple of Diana,[15] which was very large and richly adorned. presenting an agreeable dwelling for demons. St. Nicholas destroyed this polluted temple, leveled its high edifice to the ground and the very foundation of the temple, which was in the earth, he scattered in the air, taking up arms more against the demons than against the temple itself. The evil spirits, not enduring the arrival of the servant of God, uttered doleful cries, but, vanquished by the weapon of prayer of the unconquerable warrior of Christ, St. Nicholas, they were forced to flee from their habitation.


Absolutely not.

Reparations for the unfortunate incident involving pachamama at the Vatican.
The Pope may or may not have been complicit in all of this, and whatever guilt there is will be for God to judge.


I am not jumping aboard this band wagon because “4 Anonymous Exorcists” insist on it. I was not involved or interested in the Synod and I see no reason for everyone to be continually freaking out over it.


Perhaps not, but can you doubt the need given all of the other issues going on today?

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I thought that was a bit of a bad choice too.
One can do prayers anyway, or pick another day.

I already abstain because it’s Friday, and say prayers to the Sacred Heart because it’s First Friday, and say rosary because Fr Heilman has the 54 day novena going for the Apostolic Exhortation and in Reparation due to the Akita purported new message. I could add another Rosary I suppose.

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No matter when, your going to be stepping on another feast day. May as well be this Friday.


St Nicholas is a very important saint though (Has more churches named for him than any saint except Mother Mary) and many people celebrate his feast with sweets, gifts for the kids etc. When I was a child we always had “Little Christmas” that day with candy and small gifts. His feast, and in some other cultures, St Lucy’s feast are the only two in Advent that are celebrated that way. Traditional Ember Days for fasting start after St Lucy’s feast.

I’m pretty sure the day was picked because it’s First Friday which in the Latin Church is a day to make reparation to the Sacred Heart.

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One of the things I appreciate about the Catholic faith is how often the choice can be and/both, rather than either/or. St. Paul both said to “rejoice always” and also thought it was good to be “made sorrowful unto penance.”

I don’t see why both the traditional “little Christmas” customs can’t coincide with acts of reparation, especially since St. Nicholas himself both brought gifts to the needy and went about “purifying his flock from diabolical defilement” resulting from idolatry.


I abstain from meat on Fridays as it is. But although everyone is entitled to see it as they see it, I saw nothing wrong with this whole “Pachamama” fiasco. I trust the Holy Father, and I pray for him almost daily.

You may think what you like, but this Pachamama business does not bother me at all.


For the whole church for allowing it to happen


Reparation for bad optics.

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