Tomorrow's the day

breatheee breeeaaathhhee…

tomorrow’s the day that i AM going to confession (at a church i’ve never been to and will never be again lol) but i AM GOING. i will be making my first (good) confession in the past 2 years. i’m trying to not think about it, aside from making a list. hope it’s not too dark to read in there… i think if i just read off the list i’ll do better. i just can’t let myself stop reading. or breathing. :blush:

help me guys! i have major anxiety, claustrophobia, and i’m painfully scrupulous. i sweat in there. my skin becomes colorful and i usually end up in tears. focus. b r e a t h e.

please pray for me! have your saints pray for me! have your saint’s saints pray for me! :eek:

thanks in advance.

Prayers for you, and keep breathing. Some confessionals are soooooo small and dark they give me claustrophobia too! Say the Divine Mercy Chaplet and focus on how much Jesus wants to have you come to Him in confession so that He can heal and forgive you.

In future maybe make an appointment to at least see the priest in a location that’s out in the open a bit - the pews at the back of the church? … Over a coffee at your local Starbucks? :smiley: … That’d take at least one fearful element away.

You have my prayers you poor dear. I’m sure the priest would let you have confession in his office if that might work better? But regardless, I know this can’t be easy. I will keep you in my prayers:gopray:


Hail Mary, full of grace, the Lord is with thee. Blessed art thou among women, and blessed is the fruit of thy womb, Jesus.
Holy Mary, Mother of God, pray for us sinners now and at the hour of our death. Amen.

Praying for you, and here is a prayer for you to say to help you:

Prayer to Make a Good Confession
Loving Father, I need your help to do something that is very hard for me. I am about to make
my confession and I ask you to calm my fears. I am afraid that I will not say all my sins. Take
that fear from me. I am afraid I will not confess things properly. Take that fear from me. I am
afraid the priest will not understand and it will be my fault. Take that fear from me. I am afraid
that I will try to justify myself in the eyes of the priest. Take that fear from me. I am afraid the
priest will be impatient with me. Take that fear from me. Give my confessor grace, strength,
and wisdom as he hears my confession. Give me confidence in your love and mercy as I
make my confession.


p.s. If you get there early…just ask the priest if you can go in his office for confession… They do this all the time. Several people at our church are in wheelchairs and cannot get in the confessional. I’ve talked and confessed in the office too.

Dear chsn , do not worry as the lord knows your heart and your intentions . Just relax and speak to the priest as if you were talking to a friend whom you trust and tell him all you need to say regarding your sins and confession . The lord will bless you for your confession . Afterall GOD LOVES YOU and he will appreciate what you are doing . Just relax . WITH CARING AND LOVE , YOUR BROTHER IN CHRIST , John

Praying, and most are well lit now adays

Great prayer! :thumbsup: (saving for my next confession)

chsngtailodogma I’m proud of you! :wink:

I stood in a parking lot and did my confession the last time i went my pastor was on his way out,he suggested it.I also am a little timid of the cofessional.I’m praying for you,with all of us praying,I’m sure it will help. Bubbie-Dianne:signofcross:

After my second conversion I went through the same thing. Your joy will be tremendous. God is good and he loves you dearly. The angels rejoice.

Any late-breaking news chs? Inquiring minds wanna know!

I was late to this thread but I hope and pray all went well. My pastor would definately understand the claustrophobia. He suffers from it also and he has to stay for about 45 minutes in the confessional. He loves to hear confessions in the front of the church or the back rather than the confessional. He says he gets anxiety attacks if he stays too long. He would understand your situation. I hope all went well.

I too pray all went well if you have already been to Confession…and will keep you in prayer… JMJ

I really like your quote about simplicity,Do you mind telling me where its from.My son just gave me a picture called “live simply”.I just love it Thanks Bubbie

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