Tonga crowns new king in lavish ceremony

Tonga’s Siaosi Tupou V was crowned king of his tiny South Pacific nation Friday in a lavish, pomp-filled ceremony attended by royalty from around the world alongside Tongans in traditional dress.

The king entered the church to a fanfare of horns followed by bearers carrying the regal symbols of power of crown, royal sceptre and ring, his three-metre (10-foot)-long train carried by two child pages.

Anglican Archbishop of Polynesia Jabez Bryce anointed the monarch with oil, and later placed the crown on his head.

The Fijian-based archbishop performed all of the rituals that involved touching the king, because protocol forbids Tongans from having physical contact with their monarch.

Does the Anglican Church still do coronations in the UK, or elsewhere in the world?

Apparently this is the protocol for coronations…

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