Tonight's The World Over

I just came across the end of it, or the last 20 minutes of it, and I was wondering if anyone could recall the one line the woman on there said. She talked about something like: “Do it now” or something like that and mentioned Reagan had said that to her. It really struck me (considering where I am right now in my life) but can’t remember what she said offhand. I want to keep that with me, can anyone help me out?

I wanted to see it, but forgot to watch last night. I wanted to see it because Laura Ingraham was Raymond’s guest. She has a new book out called “Power To The People.” I’ll catch the encore show and let you know what she said. I am a regular listener of her radio talk show and I really like her. She is also a Catholic convert.:slight_smile:

I watched the encore showing of The World Over this morning. The phrase you are referring to is “Make It Matter!”:slight_smile:

You can probably listen to it on-line tomorrow!

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