Tonight's World Over on EWTN

Pretty chilling stuff from Steve Mosher on China. If you missed the World Over at 7pm CT, it will re-air at midnight (CT) on EWTN.

Did you hear when he said the average Russian woman will have 7 abortions in her lifetime and 1 live birth? That absolutely broke my heart.

My first reaction to that statistic is disbelief.

However that’s been my reaction to every other abortion statistic that I’ve later seen verified.

Disgusting stuff.

I did along with the forced abortions in China as well and how the one child policy is coming back to bite China. Sickening stuff.

I am not 100% sure as I didn’t do much research on it, but I did read that Russia has MORE abortions than births every year. That is just heart wrenching.

Very sad.

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