Tony Alamo gets 175 years

Rabid Anti-Catholic preacher Tony Alamo was awarded 175 years in prison after being found guilty of taking underage girls across state lines for sex.

AP story

I never have liked Tony Alamo. He has always represented evangelical preaching at it’s worst.I am glad to see him go to jail.

Peter K

why did they give him such a light sentence?

He’s deserving of our prayers… the man is not right. For years he hasn’t been able to cope with the death of his wife Susan. The decline of his facilities has been chronicled over the years in his ‘fire & brimstone’ newsletter. Trust me, he is far from being truly Christian, but he’s also far from being sane. Sort of a uber-Manson… And the victims… the child brides, the broken people who joined on to be saved… A tragedy from so many angles. Hopefully as the Catholic Church we can be of assistance to those he’s hurt.

I agree with the sentence given to Tony Alamo, but it's a shame that he didn't remain a singer, instead of, over the years, going off the deep end. I have two of his songs, The Four Winds And The Seven Seas, and his classic, Wandering, in my collection.
What a wasted life, for such a once great talent.

This just goes to show once again that there will always be wolves in any fold of sheep. Let him now pay the price of his sin, as should any that preys on the flock. Perhaps spending the rest of his life in prison will save his eternal soul.

Tony Alamo still has some supporters busy spreading his hate-filled anti-Catholic message. But they're doing a poor job of defending it.

From time to time in recent months I've found Alamo newsletters left on the car windshields near where I work. Today, for the first time, I actually saw a fellow doing it. As I approached my car he quickly scooted away and started stuffing tracts on cars in the next row over.

Then a security truck pulled up near they guy to ask what he was doing. As soon as the truck stopped, the Alamo tract guy started running like a scared rabbit. He stuffed a few more tracts on cars in another part of the parking lot, then disappeared.

Today's tract newsletter is titled TREASON, and the first page shows a color photo of Pope Benedict and President Obama shaking hands. The entire tract is nothing but ugly, hateful anti-Catholic, anti-Obama conspiracy theories. (Did you know, for instance, that Jesuit University in Scranton is a major recruiting station for the Black Pope's Central Intelligence Agency, that Obama's team is riddled with demonic Jesuit agents, and that Joe Biden is a Jesuit puppet?)

Alamo's already-tenuous grip on reality seems to be slipping. Small wonder the tract-stuffer was uninterested in defending his actions.

It’s all so clear now! Those black helicopters are from Opus Dei!

Seriously, he and his followers are in need of prayer.

Here is a link to his newsletter "TREASON".

Note that all of his wild accusations are totally, 100% unsubstantiated. He has numerous references, all Scripture, none of which is related in the least to the article. How can anybody be so foolish as to contiune supporting this convicted sex pervert or believe a word he says. By his own hands he shows that he can not support even the most nominal accusation or defense, much less his extreme paranoid ones.

Even his name is a lie. He is Bernie Hoffman, a.k.a. Tony Alamo. Criminals often use multiple names.

the end of that was hilarious…“tony alamo is probably the greatest patriot the country has ever known” lol

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