Tony Blair Faith Foundation

Just heard about this today:

Also found out Blair converted to Catholicism in 2007.

I met Tony Blair before he was prime minister and I knew he was all bad.

Unfortunately he does not act like a catholic at all.

He was a warmonger like bush and earns a lot of money.

Send your money to CAFOD instead.

From the website:

“Tony Blair Faith Foundation US: The Tony Blair Faith Foundation is also a registered charity in the USA. Tony Blair Faith Foundation US is a 501©(3) tax-exempt public charity in the USA. Registered office: 409 Prospect Street, New Haven, CT 06511, U.S.A”.

Methinks that this is the creed of the Tony Blair Foundation-tax deductible charity organization. Money laundering. He seems to also be involved in promulgating the wrong idea about religious freedom.

Can’t trust a politician. How is it that he is operating in the USA now, anyway?
He probably got the idea from Gorby.:shrug:

Also note the New Haven address. Location of Yale and Skull and Bones. Blair has made himself known as a New World Order elite kind of guy, a One World Religion guy. Stay Away!



War profiteering? New World Orders?

Better check our supply of tinfoil hats before this thread gets any more posts.

Taken from your link above

We facilitate human connections with lasting emotional resonance by exposing people to others with different cultures and beliefs so they can learn from each other and live with each other. We also provide the platforms for leaders to counter extremist narrative by practically demonstrating that peace and collaboration is possible.

If only he had used this reasoning himself, instead of invading Afghanistan and Iraq.

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