Tony Blair to Convert to Catholicism


Another prominent convert. How exciting. Isn’t it nice to have truth on your side?

**Could Blair be on the verge of declaring himself a Catholic? Tony Blair is preparing to convert to Roman Catholicism after he steps down as Prime Minister, according to a leading cleric.His long-awaited formal switch to the faith of his wife and family will come shortly after he surrenders office, it is claimed.
The Prime Minister’s decision to formalise his Catholic beliefs was revealed by Father Michael Seed, a leading cleric at Westminster Cathedral, when speaking at a memorial service.
Father Seed is regarded as unofficial Catholic chaplain to Westminster and is a regular visitor to Number 10.

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I’ll wait for the official word and pray until then. Hopefully any conversion of his will include a change in his pro-abortion views.


This has been rumored for years. We will see.


At this point, it’s still rumor and is on the list of banned topics here at CAF. It can be discussed only when it comes from Mr. Blair, himself. Thread closed.

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