Tony Perkins of the Family Research Council Endorses Ted Cruz for President


Tony Perkins, president of the Family Research Council, endorsed Senator Ted Cruz for President on FOX’s Megyn Kelly show Tuesday night.

But it was Donald Trump who gained the endorsement of another prominent evangelical leader, Jerry Falwell Jr., president of the Liberty University, earlier on Tuesday.

Perkins’ endorsement is a clear move to offset the momentum Trump is gaining in the lead up to the Iowa Caucuses on Monday.

Trump, the current Republican frontrunner, has been leading with the values voters constituency.

But Trump, Perkins explained to TIME, was capitalizing primarily on fear. “You can’t operate in faith and fear, you have to choose one or the other".

And Perkins specified that the next President’s potential appointment of two or even three Supreme Court Justices was foremost on his mind as he made his endorsement. “This is about his standing on conservative principles, Perkins said.

What do the many conservative Catholic Republican voters on CAF who seem to share some of the conservative views of evangelicals and any evangelical voters or anyone else make of the different endorsements by Falwell and Perkins? And how do you think the endorsements could play with the conservative evangelical voters who traditionally make up a large part of the Iowa Republican caucus?


this is not too surprising.


Cruz makes WAYYY more sense from their perspective than Trump. I still don’t get Fallwell’s endorsement, unless they simply feel like the country would not survive a Hillary presidency, and Trump goves them the best chance to avoid that.

I think playing guessing games with “who is the most electable” is foolish and lacks convictions. That’s how Republicans ended up with Dole, McCain, and Romney in the past.

I do not know who carries more weight in the Evangelical community, though my Evangelical coworkers do not think anyone who seeks to emulate Christ can in good faith support Trump. They of course, cannot support a Democrat either so, they are left to likely not vote if he is the nominee.


I agree with you on all points.


I hope people won’t vote because they are waiting for a candidate that emulates Christ! While I want to share values with a potential candidate, I highly doubt anyone emulating Christ would have gone in to politics in the first place.


In a sense, wasn’t Jesus actively involved in the politics of His day?


I think Jesus was more of a Pope Francis figure. Moving around to all groups, reaching out to those the rest of the world has forgotten and not afraid to spread his message to those in charge.

Jesus was all about how to live with love and forgiveness in a fallen world.


I do not think that not voting because someone does not comport himself like Christ makes any sense.

If he espouses values inconsistent with Christ in his policies, that is another matter.

I don’t dislike Martin O’Malley or Bernie Sanders as candidates because of how they carry themselves. I dislike as candidates them for the beliefs they hold.

But I’m not an Evangelical.




Actually, to the surprise of everyone who believed he was Messiah, no. At that time, being the messiah meant to many of the Jews salvation from the Roman oppression (judging by the many “messiahs” who tried to rebel and were promptly killed). To be the messiah and not go against Rome, but rather concentrate on the state of peoples souls was (to them) a complete surprise. They were expecting a conqueror but got a savior. This is why his death was so confusing and disheartening to the disciples – he could not *be *the messiah if he didn’t save them from Rome (you could see this in the attitude of Peter, who is something of a revolutionary firebrand). Later, of course, they figured it out. :wink:


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