Tony Podesta offered immunity to testify against Paul Manafort


Trump opponents get immunity. Trump supporters get solitary confinement. Is this a great country or what…


Podesta … he’s the guy who used “password” as his password.

And he allowed himself to get hacked.

Brilliant … [sarcasm]


Like the FBI did with all of Clinton’s staff people, this shields the criminals.


I hate all immunity deals. It is bought testimony. As a juror I’d ignore it. It just proves that justice is very selective. When everything is a crime then the police state can just pick who they want to prosecute most and give immunity to others to get the conviction they want.


Putin can give ALL of them dachas in Russia.


At least one politician is in jail, that is better than nothing.



That is John Podesta.

Tony Podesta is his brother.


Apparently it isn’t full immunity. It is use immunity.

The story originated with Tucker Carlson.

It’s based on two unnamed sources.

The sources seem to be referring to a filing by Mueller asking for use immunity for five witnesses. They must have identified Podesta (Tony not John) as one of the five.

Use immunity is limited. It refers only to ones own testimony, not any other evidence.



You are adamant about not believing stories that are dependent on unnamed stories.


He probably should. They have immensely harmed the U.S.


Doesn’t make sense.


When only two people know something, use immunity is total immunity.


I agree. Your record of dismissal of stories that rely on unnamed sources makes no sense, as here, you do not indicate anything wrong with it.

Michael Cohen Secretly Taped Trump Discussing Payment to Playboy Model

The Clinton operative gets “limited immunity” for doing the same thing a Trump operative gets solitary confinement and an effective life sentence in prison. Yeah, that doesn’t make the prosecution look even slightly political…

Just about every article about Trump that raises “hair on fire” levels of outrage from the usual suspects is based on unnamed sources…If it weren’t for double standards, the Left would have none.


  1. Manafort is in jail pending trial. He’s in jail because he broke his bond agreement.

  2. Use immunity means that he can testify against Manafort. That testimony won’t be held against him. It doesn’t mean that he is immune to any evidence.

  3. The article in the OP mentioned unnamed sources. I was stating a fact, I didn’t state an opinion on the fact. The sources could be correct.


FWIW, it should be pointed out that Carlson is very misleading not only about the immunity deal, but also about the charges being faced by Manafort. He suggests that Tony Podesta is getting immunity for essentially the same crime for which Manafort is facing an lengthy prison sentence. Normally his misinformation is better concealed.


Who was the politician?


He is charged with stuff that happened before Trump. He was only working with Trump for months.


The evidence that has been made public shows that the charges involve actions both before and during his association with Trump as the Trump campaign chair.

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