Tony Snow R.I.P

So very sad to hear that Tony Snow has passed away. He seemed like an all around wonderful human being & by accounts of those who knew him personally, it was true.
Eternal rest grant unto him O Lord.
Let perpetual light shine upon his face.
May the Souls of the Faithful Departed, through the mercy of God, Rest In Peace.

I’m just in shock about this for some reason. I had hoped that his battle with cancer was going well.

Eternal rest grant unto him, O Lord.
And may perpetual light shine upon him
May the souls of the faithfully departed through the mercy of God, rest in peace.

I know. He fought it for so long and with such determination & grace that you couldn’t help but feel that maybe he would beat it.

I was stunned this morning when I heard …so sad. What a good man who had a lot of class. He will be missed.

Rest in Peace , Tony

Eternal rest grant unto him, O Lord.
And may perpetual light shine upon him
May the souls of the faithfully departed through the mercy of God, rest in peace.

My condolences to his family and friends.

May God welcome him home and may his family be comforted by knowing that he is with his Father in Heaven. What a class act he was.

That is exactly what I was about to post. He will be missed.

RIP dear Tony. He spoke sweetly and admiringly of his wife Jill as the kindest person he ever met. Was he another one of Fr. C.John McCloskey’s converts?

Very sad news. He will be missed.

He was a good and decent man. May he rest in peace.

He was Bush’s best Press Secretary, and had a great radio show too…and a really descent guy.

I always liked Tony Snow. I enjoyed it when he filled in for Rush Limbaugh and I still think that he was right for accusing David Gregory of being partisan. He apologized for that and he struck me as a class act all around.:signofcross:

I am really sorry to hear that Tony Snow died. :frowning: I know that he’s
probably with the Lord now, but I’ll still miss him.) His radio show
was on briefly here before he became press secretary and he was
a great conservative and pro-lifer.
If I remember correctly, I think Tony was a cradle Catholic. He
and his wife adopted a boy a few years ago from Uganda, I believe. I will keep him and his family in my prayers.

May his soul rest in peace!

Tony had a superior mind, heart, and soul. He was faithful to his beliefs, and his priorities were crystal clear. No one, no one, spoke better for Conservative causes than Tony Snow. This poor old world will be much sadder without Tony and the intense struggles of this confused nation will be immensely more difficult to wend through without Tony’s wisdom and grace.

My most profound condolences to Tony’s family, his close friends, and the world. We will miss him terribly!

Really sad to hear this. He was a class act. He will be missed.

I had not heard that they had an adopted child. I can remember he was on the radio when his son (middle child) was born and I think he was earlier than expected. Tony asked the audience to pray for the baby and for his wife. I also remember the summer he took his family to Rome and they had an audience with JPII. Too bad more people in the press aren’t like Tony Snow.

I really enjoyed his columns and shows over the years. Many of us have been praying for him, but God had other plans. Tony wrote a really good article entitled “Cancer’s Unexpected Blessings: When you enter the Valley of the Shadow of Death, things change.” Godspeed, Tony.

How true. I remember one of his press conferences when he looked out at everyone and said something like: “Aren’t we all lucky to be working here in this place?!”

He left a lot of people a little better for having known of him. There is no better legacy.

He was at the White House at the darkest of hours and was able to still be a gentleman, show honor and a deep faith in God.

R.I.P. Mr. Snow.

That was so moving & powerful. Thanks for sharing it with us.

Fox Cable has been having tributes to Tony Snow and Bill O’Reilly
did say he was a convert to Catholicisml… So I was wrong that he
was a cradle catholic. Now I’d like to know more about that.
He was a real inspiration to so many people.
Going to watch Greta and more on Tony.

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