Too Embarrassed To Go To Confession


Hi everyone. I am too embarrassed to go to confession tomorrow but I need to go. What should I do? :shrug::confused:


Rely on Jesus. You can do nothing on your own.


Go anyway.


Why would you be too embarrassed to go? Jesus already knows what sins you need to confess. Trust in His grace, and know that you don’t have to give every gory little detail to the priest. Christ knows, let Him guide you.


Sin is a messy business and nobody says confession is easy but, just make yourself go anyway. I had a buddy one time didn’t go to confession for 5 years because he had done something embarrasing to “awful” to confess. When he finally went the and confessed that “awful” matter the priest laughed and told him he’d done it too. I seriously doubt there’s anything priests haven’t heard. If nothing else go behind the screen, that’s still an option in many places, and pick a priest you don’t know and will probably never see again, maybe some guy from Uganda who barely speaks english here on sabbatical. The important thing get off your tucchis and do it! You’ll feel better afterwards.


Go anyway.

Priests have heard it all. Nothing you will say will surprise him. Go behind the screen, if you must. Go to a different parish if you need to.

Pray for strength and courage, and GO!


Most of us have been embarrassed to confess our sins at some point. You need to push through your feelings and do what you’ve got to do. You may want to choose anonymous confession. Remember that you are confessing to Christ, who already knows you and your struggles and sins. Once you’ve finished, you’ll wonder what you were so nervous about!

When he finally went the and confessed that “awful” matter the priest laughed and told him he’d done it too.

That was completely inappropriate of the priest, IMO.


Priests have heard a LOT, usually for a long time. Probability definitely is that you won’t stand out. Besides, they often receive word of our sins with immense grace.

Anyway, Confession is way too important for us to let a temporary feeling like embarrassment get in the way.


*Hi Holly,

By now (hopefully) you have found the courage and humility to have gone to confession. We are all praying for you. Others have already posted some sound suggestions.

Go to a priest you don’t know. Go with curtain down. Trust me the priest is there to welcome you and help you and strengthen you. [And I am told by my many priest friends that yes they have heard it all and are trained to handle any sin confessed]
Most also tell me that they immediately forget the confessions once they finish hearing them…its a grace they receive so they say.

Blessings and please let us know how you are??*



Tell yourself you want to pay the price for your sins by going through with the humiliation. Treat yourself like a good mother would with a child who is putting up a stink about getting his hair cut when it is all raggedy and over-grown. Be firm and gentle…but insist on going to confession no matter what the cost. Your soul depends on it!


Exactly - just offer up the embarrassment in atonement for your sins, and think of it as getting a headstart on your penance!


Well, I ended up oversleeping by accident. I guess I’ll go later this week. :frowning:


Trust in Jesus, rely on Him.

And He understands, Holly. He, too, had to sleep as Man.


At least you know that you need to go to confession: if I go, I’ll most likely just be written off since I just so happen to be me, which is a very complicated thing.


Yeah I know Nick but it still hurts that I did oversleep. I mean, I know I disappointed God. I woke up at around 6 or around there and could have stayed awake and then went but I went back to bed and got some more sleep and by the time I woke up, I believe it was past time for me to make it there in time. I feel so bad. I will say an Act of Perfect Contrition and make it to confession as soon as possible. :thumbsup:


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