TOO FUNNY--Keith Urban mistaken for a poor broke guy


OK anybody that wouldn’t recognize Keith urban needs to have their eyesight checked. I mean really.


I don’t know who he is. So I wouldn’t recognize him. :woman_shrugging:t2:


OK well even if you didn’t know who he is if you ran into him you would NOT FORGET!


Would he let me know who he was ?

Hi, I’m Keith Urban.

Hello, I’m F Marturana.

Nice to meet you.

Ok bye!

Still no clue. I need to look him up I guess.


He is an AMAZING country music writer, singer and player of many instruments and he is married to actress Nicole Kidman. He had a very “rough” past with drugs and lcohol but seems to have overcome those to make a better life for himself.


Reminds me of a story I ran across a few years ago.

Apparently Bob Dylan was performing one night in Long Branch, New Jersey, and decided to go for a walk before the show. He looked a bit scruffy and suspicious, someone called the cops, amusing incident ensues.


Well no offense but Bob Dylan is a little more “rough around the edges” than Keith Urban


Well, sure, but at his age (he must be pushing 80 by now), hardly threatening-looking.

Anyway, I just thought it was funny.



Ahhhh. He’s married to Nicole Kidman.

I know her!!


I’d recognize Bob Dylan. Even if his ID was in his actual name.


Me too. I suspect we (well, me, anyway) are a bit older than that cop who stopped him.


There are a lot of “stars” that I would never recognize. I just don’t have that many stars that I keep up with, other than my favorite actor (sigh!).

I can remember when my mother read any movie magazine she could get her hands on (she didn’t spend money on them because of limited budget), and faithfully watched the Hollywood Gossips like Rona Barrett. But back then, the movie stars seemed so amazing–even today, their movies are so good. My mother loved Bette Davis, Joan Crawford, Agnes Moroehead, Ava Gardner, Katherine Hepburn, Deborah Kerr, Humphrey Bogart, and several others, and she was fascinated and horrified with Elizabeth Taylor and her constant divorces and re-marriages.

Other than my favorite actor (sigh), I could care less about most of the “stars,” although I do respect their work. I just don’t watch them.

Keith Urban is cute, but in a very scruffy way. I think I would probably walk right by him. There are so many men out there who are scruffy and just as cute as he is under the shaggy hair and uber-casual clothing.

Bless that woman for buying coffee for a stranger!


I wonder if Keith is going to write a song about the encounter. :slight_smile:

Any suggestions on the title?


“Don’t you know who I am, coffee Lady?”


I think famous people can often walk around undetected because people aren’t expecting to see a famous person in their everyday lives.

When I was a teen, my local amusement park had a famous rock star disguised as the Ferris wheel operator.

My cousin and I both rode the Ferris wheel and noticed how cute he was, but it never registered that it was him, until we heard it on the radio later.

This was before Twitter and instagram and cell phones with cameras.


I like and enjoy TCM (Turner Classic Movies) because of all of the GOOD OLD MOVIES that really were entertainment and the stars really “Had it”.

“Keith Urban is cute, but in a very scruffy way”

That’s kind of his charm. He started from VERY humble beginnings and had a LONG road to fame with a lot of painful detours along the way but hopefully he know WHO is responsible for his great talents, success and WHO is responsible for the blessings in his life and that he thanks Him each and every day.


I grew up in the Los Angeles area and I think people who aren’t from there would be shocked at the degree to which performing arts and athletic stars, really celebrities in general, can merge into the general population unless they are A list recognizable everywhere. But realistically there are so many “stars” it’s hard to keep up with them all unless one is a celebrity junkie. I’m not one of those so there aren’t that many famous people I’ll recognize on the street and I think that’s true for most of us. Even so, LA is fairly exceptional in this regard and that is often part of the attraction for stars who relocate there from elsewhere.


Although I definitely know he Keith is, and love his music, I’m not sure I would recognize him if I passed him on the street…simply because who expects to see him walking down the street of their town on any given day?

LOL at the person who said he’s famous because he’s married to Nicole Kidman…he was a star among country fans before they were married.


Pretty much the same here in New York. You’ll see any number of quite recognizable people walking around doing perfectly ordinary stuff without being bothered.

A few years ago, one of my wife’s nieces stayed with us to basically be an au pair after our first child was born. She was astonished at the number of quite well-known actors and actresses who lived in my neighborhood. She’d see them at the local Starbucks, or local restaurants. I’d look when she pointed someone out, and just say, “oh, yeah, he/she is in here all the time.”

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