Too funny vid!

Ok so I ran accross this vid and I am not sure if you guys have seen it, but I found it way too funny. You might have to pause some parts because the sub-titles go quick. Enjoy

Perhaps if this is TOO funny, I shouldn’t watch it. I mean I might laugh all night long. And then the neighbors would be upset with me.

Ok , I’ll watch it.

Well, I watched it and found out its been circulating on the internet for about a year or maybe a little less. It was entertaining in a way. But I think “too funny” is a little over the top.

Well I figure pretty much the only people that would get the joke would be traditionalist and those who can’t stand the reform of the reform lol. BTW when you promote something you want to go over the top ja ja.

I was amused. Thanks for the link to the video.

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