too insecure?

how do you get over insecurity…

i sound like a broken record but it’s like I am always hyper aware about everything that’s wrong with my attitude and how i look 24/7.

it’s affecting relationships and i feel like it’s causing me to be more vain

i am also skeptical about everything so sugarcoated messages society likes to give out (like 'everyone is beautiful, everyone is _____ (something nice)" makes me feel worse

doesn’t help that i am surrounded by gorgeous human beings who are also the nicest people ever :blush:

You say "doesn’t help that i am surrounded by gorgeous human beings who are also the nicest people ever ".

Indeed it doesn’t.

I may be wrong over here, but someone who can’t accept his or her beauty, can not accept anyone else’s beauty. When it comes to gorgeous human beings, one envies their beauty, when it comes to those who are not enough fortunate to be considered gorgeous by one’s standard is probably resented.

Be careful though. So far in my life I figured out that many people who would be considered gorgeus or maybe popular, or really trying to be any of that, are just shells with nothing inside. The friendships are good as long as everything is alright, no arguments, no life problems.This happened to me way more than once. Now I am happy, because it filtered out many people who were fake friends. And drew closer those that actually were friends.

No matter how you look like, you have a high degree of dignity, just like EVERYONE. What I would suggest you is that you keep the company you’re in, but invite even those who are not popular or gorgeous to hang out with you AND YOUR COMPANY. Hopefully everyone of your current company will accept the new person… But whatever they do, their actions will be the words from the inside. And go on from there.

I like the story how St. Francis of Assisi resented leppers. One day, he realised that… and went and kissed one. He did that because of his problems of being afraid of them and disgusted by them. He ended up serving them throughout his life. He is a huge saint now.

Just my thoughts.

You say that you are surrounded by “gorgeous human beings” who are “the nicest people ever.”

Perhaps they think that about you as well? I’d be willing to bet that they suffer from insecurities of their own. It’s more widespread than you would think.

When I deal with insecurities, I try to step in other people’s shoes and imagine that they are going through the same thing; they probably are, in one form or another.

You may not be worthy but by your Baptism you become a daughter / son of God. And by the cross you are made worthy.

Think of all the things in heaven and on earth, what can be greater than be a child of God, loved infinitely by the loving Father God?

If everybody does not love you or does not respect you because of what you are, remember that God does.

Hope that will make you feel secure enough. :slight_smile:

I like to pretend my existence is an act of charity for others-I look like a dying naked mole rat so others will look beautiful. After all you need to see a tall person to tell if a person is short, right? So in a way, I am helping others to see the beauty in some of His creation :smiley:

Bad advice I know, lol. But there’s no cure for it if you are really unfortunate with your looks. You are always going to be reminded of it whenever you go online, look in the mirror, open a magazine, etc. So you might as well just spin it to give you a false sense of security.

Like eg: i dont have to worry about being cat called, I don’t have to worry about rejecting guys, I don’t have to worry about ageing (because it’s not like I have anything to lose), I don’t have to talk to a lot of people and so on…

Hi, I see you like reading. So, pick your two favourite subjects and become the best-read person within 50 miles on those two subjects. I also see you like writing.

So, word some most fascinating facts from those two subjects in words that you think will whet the appetite of those who have been told not to take an interest in the world around them, told that they “don’t want to know”, it is them that are crushed in shame far more than you you know.

And post it on web pages or circulate pamphlets or get it put in magazines - that’s a work of mercy, it’s called feeding the minds, whether it’s philosophy, maths, geology, metallurgy, mechanics, history, flower arranging, all equally good for those around you, etc etc.

The only way to shine is to light a lamp.

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