too late for me to turn back to God?

Please pray for me, i’ve been a hardened sinner, feeling like its too late for me to turn back to God - committed a lot of mortal sins, unforgiveness,hurt people. Hope its not too late, I know we are living in desperate times.

You are still alive so it is not too late!

There are many great sinners who became great saints! God’s grace and forgiveness is awesome.

Think of St Paul! He persecuted Christians and then became an apostle

Dear friend,

I see that you’re struggling with the virtue of hope, from some of your posts, I am as well. Will pray for you. It’s not too late, to answer your question. Think of
St Augustine, St Mary Magdalene, St Margaret of Cortona, St Ignatius of Loyola (who had a criminal record before his conversion), Bl Charles de Foucald, all of them were great sinners before their conversion, but they all became extremely holy saints. You may have scrupulosity, I’m not sure, try to consult with a trustworthy priest at a local Catholic Church.

All the best,

It’s never too late, so long as you yet live. And Heaven rejoices for every hardened sinner that turns back to God!

It’s never too late to change your life!

You are already ahead of many because you recognize the qualities you’d like to improve and you want to improve them.
And no one’s perfect, most people have done things they wish they could take back and they feel sorry for.

Sure, it’s desperate times; but it’s always desperate times. If I had a dollar each time a generation thought they were the ones living in the most desperate of times…fuggetaboutit :slight_smile:
Rich <—> Me.

You can change your life…this very second.

Good luck!


Pray the Chaplet of Divine Mercy.

Here are its promises:

Pray it now, while there is still time, before Jesus comes, not as a mercificul savior but as a Just Judge. Yes, there is time, but it’s important to act, now.

Praying for you.

If you are breathing, the answer is “no”.

God still loves you despite your sins. And He still wants you back. He reached out to me a sinner and let me know he still loved me despite my sins. So I know he still loves you too. It is not too late for you. Jesus is knocking on your door. Let him into your heart. :wink:

The reason you want to turn back to God is that God is calling you.

He will not stop calling you, but you might stop being able to hear Him as clearly as you can right now. So start trying to change now!

As long as you draw breath, you can repent.

I will pray for you. Please pray for me too.
We’re in this together.

God’s mercy is infinite, so take heart, my friend.

scared God has put a seal upon me

You are wandering the forum like a ghost, posting here and there in different threads.

You are not a ghost, though. You live still! If we were in person I’d be tempted to slap you to “snap you out if it.” Get off your computer, and get on your knees. Pray. Plead for mercy and repent. Then get back on your computer and go to Find the next available confession time at a parish near you. Take time off work if you have to. Just go. Talk to a priest, who will listen will reverence and respond with mercy.

Do it!

That voice telling you it’s too late, that you can’t be forgiven, etc. is the devil. Not God. God loves you. The devil wants to destroy you, and so plants lies like that in your head. Don’t listen to him. Go to confession. Pray daily. Read scripture. Go to Mass. Repeat.

It will be ok. God bless you!

A seal?
Is that a good thing or a bad thing?

There is no bad seal on you!


Never too late. Think of St. Mary of Egypt

Sounds like you’ve left a trail of unhappiness and your worried that you can’t shake this off and that you are stuck because of your past sins.

Take a good look at the crucifix. He paid the price out of love for you.
Now you can do the same thing by promising him you won’t do these things again with his help.

He isn’t concerned where you’ve been. But very interested in where you intend to go with your life in the future.

Go to confession, his sacrament of mercy, and start over.

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