Too many books

I am currently wanting to read a variety of books St.Therese of Avilas biography, books about St. Bernadette just to name a few.
I am a working mommy how can I fit this is?
Any suggestions-I love to read and pray!.

Read before you go to sleep. Sometimes you find yourself still awake when you're in your bed, right? That's a good time to read. It helps me go to sleep sometimes, when I read before bedtime. But since you said you're a mother, maybe you'll be too exhausted by then.

Just try to squeeze in reading into your free time. Whenever possible! :thumbsup:

Hi Elizabeth,

If you take transit rather than drive, you can read then. When you have your break at work, read then. If you watch any TV, read during commercials. When you go to doctor’s (and they always make you wait forever, it seems) bring your book and read while waiting.

I always carry a book with me, so any free time I have I can read.:slight_smile:

I agree with this. You don’t need to read for hours at a time. I own a stationary bike so I occasionally read while exercising–I definitely wouldn’t recommend reading while using a treadmill, though!

Also, you don’t need to read many books at once. I’ve taken home ten books from the library at once and read them all in a week (I’m a fast reader with lots of spare time) but I would recommend going with one book at a time, you’ll find your list is much shorter before you know it!

Depends how old your kids are. When I was a nursing mommy, I got a ton of reading in! :)

Now, I mostly get my reading in when I let my kids go outside and play while dinner is cooking/after dinner. They're old enough to play independently, but not quite old enough to be allowed unsupervised in the backyard. Or sometimes, I'll camp out in the doorway of the playroom with my book, and they're happy to play just knowing I'm near.

It's important for kids to see Mommy reading.

At work, you might read a chapter/a few pages during your lunch break. Or, if you're as jealous as your time as I can be, you might get a little reading in before or after your workday, whether that's in your office with the door shut, or just curled up in your car and enjoying the peace and quiet. ;)

But yeah... parents have to be creative! :p

Great ideas! Thanks.

These are just merely suggestions and you don't have to follow them of course but why not:

1) Read to your child(ren).

2) Turn off the T.V./internet and start reading your book.

3) Read everytime you take the bus, train, or subway to work or to grocery shop.

4) Whenever you have spare time Read. It could be 5-30 min. of Reading.

Happy Reading and God bless,


Try listening to books in audio while you drive, work, exercise or whatever you do.:thumbsup:

I suspect the library may have a good collection of these.


[quote="Bearontherun, post:8, topic:255995"]
Try listening to books in audio while you drive, work, exercise or whatever you do.:thumbsup:

I suspect the library may have a good collection of these.



Excellent idea. I have a really good friend who reads audio books.

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