Too many Sympathetic for SSPX

I Just simply don’t understand why there are so many Traditionalists who don’t really see anything wrong the the SSPX, or are indifferent to their status. I’ve heard arguments that the SSPX’s actions are “necessary”. While I do believe that there is a genuine crisis in the church in regard to the Sacred Liturgy and in Catechism, I don’t see how that can justify supporting or implying that you endorse the SSPX. To me it seems that the end doesn’t justify the means and that remaining outside of full communion with Christ’s Church and with Peter cannot be ever be justified even if its for a good reason.

Any Thoughts?

I’ll just wait and see what the Pope says later this month.

According to a few web sites Cardinal Raymond Burke, the Prefect of the Apostolic Signatura, has called upon Catholics to pray for the reconciliation with the Society of Saint Pius X.

Cardinal Burke Urges Catholics to Pray for the Reconciliation of the SSPX

So let’s join in the prayers and see what Pope Benedict decides…


I am praying :highprayer:



We’ll just have to see what His Holiness Pope Benedict XVI decides. I want more traditionalists in the Church. The SSPX is very conservative, they want what’s best for the Church, but they don’t know how to go about it.

That is why you should pray for them. I will too: in my way.

You are probably wise to settle down with the popcorn. I am curious of the point of this thread. The title is easy enough to address. We can never be too merciful or understanding. The first post goes in a different direction. I don’t think anyone has said, or at least almost no one, that there is nothing wrong with the SSPX. We can think some one is wrong and still be symathetic to their plight, and even understanding to their reasons, without agreeing with them.

I’m praying my daily Rosary for their reconciliation with Rome, I think it would be a blessing for the rest of the Church. If that makes me sympathetic to the SSPX then you’ve got me.

It’s the same for the Easter Churches outside the Church. Many in the clergy feel that the excommunication was unnecessary, the same may apply to the SSPX.

When I pray my Rosary and get finished with the Hail Holy Queen, I pray for the prayer intentions of Pope Benedict XVI. My prayer has been the same for awhile now:

"I pray for the intercession of Blessed John Paul the Great for his successor, his holiness Pope Benedict XVI, for his continued health, for the continual growth of the Anglican Ordinariates all over the world, and for the full reconciliation of the SSPX and Rome during his Pontificate.

Then I usually finish with a Gloria Patri, and the sign of the Cross.

I so dearly want there to be reconciliation here. If the Church can’t heal a 24 rift between Catholics and Traditionalist Catholics… how do they expect to heal the rift with the Orthodox which happened in 1054? Just saying… I believe in the power of the Holy Spirit, but as a mere man, I would be stunned if we were reunited with our Orthodox brothers before the SSPX…

Why ask what traditionalists think on a forum with so few self-professed trads? Unless you’re asking people to read minds.

As would I, not least of all because we’re already united to the SSPX. They’re canonically irregular, not in schism. The issue with the Orthodox is fundamentally different.

Without the SSPX, there wouldn’t be an FSSP, there might not be other traditional groups and the traditional latin mass probably wouldn’t be where it is now.

So as a result, those of us who are more traditional can’t help but be somewhat supportive.


In any case, these type of questions will hopefully become moot soon. :thumbsup:

AGREE with Truelight on this one.

I also have a sympathy for them, and I am offering many prayers for the reconciliation.

Anyway things look prospective now, since the 3 bishops have signed the preamble.

I think most of the SSPX priests are heroes, they would rather go the risk of being excommunicated than compromise. It’s a tragedy that Archbishop Lefebrve and the 4 bishops were excommunicated in 1988, and all the SSPX priests are suspended until today.

It would be impossible for us to know what really happened at that moment, as Rome and SSPX have different edition of the story.

As far as I could see, it’s a hero act to keep the tradition and have the good will to save the church, but I do see there is an unhealthy attitude growing inside SSPX.

So, the church is in crisis while SSPX is in an unhealthy state. SSPX’s tragedy is merely part of the tragedy of the church, and no doubt everyone is suffering.

I sincerely hope God would hear our prayers and will allow SSPX to come back to the church soon.:heart:

We will humbly pray. :signofcross:

depending on what you mean by ‘sympathetic’ there can never be too many sympathetic towards them. If all that you mean is a desire for them to be fully reconciled then it would not be possible to be ‘too sympathetic’.

However, if you mean believing that they were justified in disobeying the vatican then I agree that that is a problem. It is never good to encourage disobediance from Rome unless one is ordered to do something immoral.

That’s how I see it too.

I AGREE with TRUE LIGHT, great post! :thumbsup: THANKS!:smiley:

I LOVE the FSSP!! Thank God the SSPX was established!:amen:

So, I guess that makes me supportive of the SSPX & their cause!:wink:

And I am sorry for the irregular situation that they are in now…:o

Praying for all involved! :gopray2:


I believe that we have to make some important distinctions here.


One must always be merciful. The clergy of the SSPX are in a canonical bind. We can’t sweep that under the rug by saying, “This will soon change.” That’s pure speculation. We know that they signed the Preamble. We don’t know if Cardinal Levada likes what he read. If he does not like it, he will not recommend it to the pope. It’s best to wait and call the situation what it is. They remain suspended. However, that does not mean that we must be unkind to them or not interested in their welfare anymore than we would be for anyone else who was in a pickle.


It is true that many Traditionalists, even here, went from justifying Archbishop Lefebvre’s actions to saying that they were not right, but they got us what we wanted, so we thank him for messing up. That kind of thinking is very weird. You should never get anything, because someone else messes up, even if what you get is a good thing.

As much as I like the Tridentine mass, I’m not grateful to Archbishop Lefebvre. The man messed up. If it was God’s will that we get it, God would have found a way without using sin. God does not advise sin to get his way and neither should we.


There are many people who mimic the rhetoric of some SSPX priests. That’s sad. Just today I read a post in another thread where someone warns me that when we the Traditionalists bishops take over they will clean house of the modernists and conciliarist bishops. This kind of rhetoric is defiant, arrogant, judgmental and divisive. I love heaven more than I love tradition. Spiteful rhetoric is not the way to get there. As I have said before, there is a difference between the Church Militant and the Church Belligerent.

At the end of the day, we must always be merciful to the sinner, charitable to the prodigal son and rejoice in his change of heart. The story of the prodigal son teaches us as much about the son who stayed home as it does about the one who left.

The SSPX is the son who left. We are the son who stayed home. Hopefully, our attitude is not that of the son who stayed home, but whined and complained because he was not being celebrated and his prodigal brother was. Instead of being like Joseph in the OT who welcomes his treacherous brothers when they arrived in Egypt, the prodigal son could not see past his self-righteousness. Self-righteousness is the first step toward the fall.


Br. JR, FFV :slight_smile:

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