Too much apologetics, too little spiritual nourishment


Hello everyone, I am looking for some good links where I can download some good Catholic talks which will provide me some much needed spiritual nourishment. Usually, I download archived shows from but they are more geared towards apologetics and rightly so. I have realized that I hear too many apologetics related talks and too few talks on living a good Christian life.

I would appreciate it if you could provide me with some good links where I can find these kind of talks so that I can listen to them. Please don’t give me links to written content, because I prefer listening to reading.



Do you have iTunes? There are several good podcasts there. Some of my favorites are ChesterCast (GK Chesterton), The Saint Cast, Meditations from Carmel and Peter Kreeft.

Also on (go to multimedia then ‘audio on demand’) you can find recordings of serveral of their regular shows and specials.

Thanks for opening this thread. I look forward to others’ suggestions.


Here is a six minute clip that I put on my blog:

Just watched it again the other day and it still leaves a tingle. Fr. Robert Barron at his best. You’ll find more links to his ministry there.



Some folks on this forum have a link to, so I followed it and I’ve listened to a few things there. The sermons under the “Prayer and Interior Life” category are excellent :slight_smile:

I know what you mean. Sometimes I spend so much time reading about theology and apologetics that I have to take a step back and say, okay, I know what’s true, now I have to internalize it and let it draw me closer to God or it doesn’t really count for much.

God bless! I hope you find something helpful.


Go to EWTN and look up Father Leo Clifford. He has many short meditations that are excellent.

#6 has some good stuff.


I also recommend EWTN for good audio links. There’s an audio library series index where you can listen to a whole series on various topics and reflections.

Here’s the link:


Check out the podcasts at Saint Michael’s Media hundreds of hours of audio!!




I feel the same way.:thumbsup:


Same here!


I know what you mean. The Mother Angelica Live reruns could be helpful to you. You may find Fulton Sheen’s programs helpful as well.

He has good advice, but his way of speaking is SOOOOOOOOO boring to me. I can’t stand it. He sounds like an old narrator from an old movie or something. To each his own, I guess.


Listen the the audio sermons…

And read the works of the saints too. :slight_smile:

‘Introduction to the Devout Life’ is a good choice, or St. John of the Cross.


Catholic Culture is an excellent source for material on many topics; here are some articles on prayer you might enjoy:


Thank you for the links. Sometimes I feel like a pharisee. I know all the arguments and stuff but sometimes I fail to live a life pleasing to God. I think the devil knows more theology than any of us, yet his theological knowledge cannot do him any good.


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