Too Much Drama


Hi everyone. There has been so much drama around here lately that my best friend, Darrell, has said he is not coming over anymore, period. What happened is one of my neighbor’s sisters called him and accused him of inappropriately touching her sister the night before last. This got him really upset as he is innocent of this behavior and now he doesn’t want to come over anymore. Please pray that the drama would stop and that Darrell would eventually start coming over again. I want to move out of here. :(:(:frowning:


Holly, I’m sorry about this.
I don’t think you need any more drama in you life, but peace.
In my prayers, Love


Thanks Trishie. I love your friendship. :slight_smile: If you would, please join in my Novena to St. Dymphna for the cure of my mental disorders. Thank you.


Lord, Darrell must be quite upset and he’ll need some time to get over the accusations against him. Perhaps Holly will find a new place to live soon or Holly and Darrell can meet somewhere else to talk. I know I wouldn’t want to be any where near women who speak lies or untruths about me. It is best that he stays away. Please help Holly to find a new apartment and so she can move out soon. Help everybody involved in that situation, Lord, and be a friend and refuge to them all. Amen.


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