Too much rosaries?


Well, what a wonderful memory of your mother… we really shouldn’t judge what is in another person’s heart. That’s what I learned from your story… :slight_smile:


So beautiful! :sparkling_heart:


People wave your car after seeing the Rosary? Huh, interesting… didn’t think people would pay enough attention to another car’s mirror while driving


Two different people.

My mother likes shoes.

The other woman was a mentor in college. I will edit for clarity.

My point is that it is rather ignorant to declare that all people with dozens of shoes are simply horders or gluttonous.


I’m still confuse and I also like to look at antique rosaries. For some reason even how nice it is, I still want to get rosaries, and in the future pass it to my children(or if I become a priest, give it to parishioners).

Example of my rosary with the crucifix being touched to the True Cross of Christ:

I just really hope they survive to the future to come. So that my grandchildren can use it.


The consensus seems to be.

  1. Collect for the right reason
  2. Do not collect so many that it would be a burden if you pass on.
  3. Be respectful of your collection
  4. Don’t go overboard.
  5. Collecting is not everyone’s cup of tea, collecting religous objects even more so.


They do :slight_smile: And most times they have Rosaries up to be seen too.It makes my day


if you’ve got the cash to buy/collect expensive, beautiful rosaries

and say the prayer devoutly; how could that possibly be wrong?


I have a glow in the dark rosary that was given out to those who went to venerate the Shroud of Turin back a couple of decades ago. Far from distracting, that on my nightstand is a source of comfort. One of my prized possessions is a glow in the dark wall rosary!


One of the things I like to do with rosaries is touch them to a relic or the grave of my favorite saint and then (without re-opening the whole debate over whether that makes my rosary a relic or not) I can feel like I am praying with that saint when I say it. I don’t think it’s right to touch it to more than one saint’s relic or grave so I have to pick one per rosary.

My main rosary was touched to all of Padre Pio’s relics twice when they came through on tour and I put a medal of him on the rosary as well. So when I pray on that one I can think especially of Padre Pio and ask his help. My travel rosary was touched to the grave of Blessed Jerzy Popieluszko who is one of my favorite beatified persons and I hope will one day be a saint, so I can think of him when I pray that one and pray for his cause.


I have a number of rosaries. There are two or three sturdy rosaries which are great for everyday praying and some which are only used occasionally. All of them are used at some point during the year. The majority of them remind me of pilgrimages or special occasions. I’ve given a number of them away or left them in church for others to take. When I die I like to think someone else will pray with the rosaries (and maybe say a prayer for me too while they’re at it).

I believe there’s a rosary museum in the USA which holds the largest collection of rosaries - probably very nice but of little worth if they are not used for prayer.


I don’t think it is sinful.
However St. John of the Cross wrote about that situation as a form of spiritual avarice.


They do have historical value in showing how older rosaries were made. Many of the old rosaries were basically used till they disintegrated, or their materials such as bone were prone to disintegrating over time (mice nibble on bone beads). I like to look at antique rosaries to see what Catholics many decades or centuries ago would have used for prayers, but such things are too fragile to pray on anymore if we want to preserve them for the next generation to see and study .


If they are of historical value I quite agree that they are worth preserving in such a museum. From what I can recall tthough the majority are not of historical value.


@Tis_Bearself Yah… my crucifix of my rosary is a 3rd class relic of the true cross of Christ. :slight_smile:


I have like 6 different rosaries, all of them mean something to me, i think its okay to collect such meaningful religious items


I found that the standard bead rosary with metal fasteners were too fragile for me to use. I was careless and although none were ‘blessed’ it was upsetting to discover yet again another one pulled into fragments in the washing machine. My good intentions of praying the rosary were often thwarted by my own carelessness.

I had been given some over the years that are too fragile to use, but were from my MILs hometown parish and my great grandmother’s heavy black beaded rosary. I don’t use those because I fear they will fall apart. My kids know the story behind them.

So I met a man at the abbey near me who was holding a simple wood bead and macrame rosary, he told me with a wink that it was hardier than most. So I ordered one, and loved the feel of it in my hands and started regularly praying the rosary somewhat later in life. (I now wonder if the man wasn’t an angel of sorts :slight_smile: )

Some organization sent me a Padre Pio medal with a locket/vial of earth from San Giovanni Rotondo. I attached it to my simple wooden rosary. And this is for me like TisBearHerself touching her’s to Padre Pio’s relics a third class relic. I felt close to him.

So on my first trip to NYC I carried this wonderful tool with me. I saw a row of policemen, and the thought came to me to offer it to one of them. “No, I like this rosary, and it’s a little schmutzy and homely.” I also didn’t feel like it because I just thought it would be awkward. Like, “Excuse me officer, here is a rosary. Pass it onto someone who needs it if you don’t want it. And thank you for your service…”

I continued to carry it with me for another five months and fall asleep with it, until I was surprised with another trip to NYC for Thanksgiving last year! I carried it with me for nearly the whole trip, and found myself eating at a Muslim owned deli full of NYPD’s finest and I remembered and reached for my rosary which was in my pocket. Most of these cops were Muslim and I felt that would be really awkward. :roll_eyes: I sometimes just don’t have much of a clue. If the Holy Spirit might be prompting you, maybe you should take a chance. But in fairness I also didn’t know which officer to approach and I didn’t want to give anyone a hard time.
I went to bed that night ready to say my prayers and reached for my rosary. It was gone. I couldn’t find it anywhere in the hotel room, I was almost frantic and in addition to my dd looking with me I asked the hotel to send it to me if they found it. This rosary could be purchased on EBAY for about $2. But I wanted that little locket from Padre Pio’s monastery.

So, I have bought and given many rosaries away over the years and I do have beautiful fancy ones gathering dust, but I needed to learn that maybe I should give my favorite one away.

Of all the things you could collect I would say Rosaries are one of the best possible things.

God Bless you!


I have several missals and I’m not even Catholic. I think that it is one of the most awesome books next to the Bible. I read them, I enjoy looking at the pictures, reading about what goes on in the mass and I like the old ones in Latin and English. there is this really cool app called IMASS and you can follow along with the missal as they do the older style of the Mass. What’s really cool is this one explains the different individual garments the priest wears, shows pictures and tells you what ever article on the alter is, these books are amazing! I don’t know if that qualifies as HOARDER! But I like them.


I have a good few rosary beads and miraculous medals on my statue of Our lady of fatima (along with knock, Medjugorje and lourdes . Granted my shrine has statues of all kinds of saints, sacred heart of Jesus, Immaculate heart of Mary, the crib (which I keep all year round because it’s not just a Christmas decoration just like the cross isn’t a good friday decoration). I have a few on my wrist as I find it easier to say if I am walking or on the bus. I have another under my quilt at night kind of like a secret gun in case I have trouble sleeping or get hit by a nightmare/sleep paralysis/spiritual attack. I also have one in my pocket at all times that is like my main one. So I don’t think there is something wrong with collecting rosaries so long you pray the rosary. At the same time people may give you special rosary beads after their pilgrimages so tend to carry those ones around the most since they mean the most to me. One may also include other devotions like divine mercy chaplet, chaplet of the holy souls and seven sorrows of Our lady.


I only have two rosaries at the moment, both blessed. I am looking to get the Chaplet of the Seven Sorrows of Mary and the Chaplet of St Michael beads soon as doing those on a regular rosary is kind of frustrating for an OCD person like myself. I am kind of a obsessive hoarder of things I like (you should see my candle drawer), so I try to keep stuff to a minimum otherwise my room would look like a religious explosion. :smiley: I want to get some statues of the Sacred Heart and Our Lady of Fatima but haven’t yet.

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