Too scrupulous???

Can we be too scrupulous when it comes to our sins? If so can it ever be a mortal sin to be this way?

Scrupulosity is not a sin, it’s a spiritual affliction. And yes indeed, scrupulosity is an unfortunate condition that affects many people, myself included.

Here’s some info on scruples from the Catholic Encyclopedia: click this.

Father Corapi talks about how in being scrupulous, a person can become depressed and be an easy target for the evil one. Father suggests resisting this affliction like a temptation.

Good luck. Many suffer from this. There is even a free newsletter on the subject.

Deacon Tony SFO

Yes, I believe one can become too scrupulous. I have done so in the past and it did not help me one bit. In fact, it hindered me spiritually. I don’t think it is a mortal sin, but my scrupulosity was nearly an obsession and along with it I often did not forgive myself following Confession and Absolution, and that is considered a sin. I have prayed profusely and asked Our Lord to help me with this and He has. My scrupulosity once kept me from happiness and joy. Now, with the help of several priests and Jesus this affliction has been lifted. Thank God!

Here’s an interesting BBC article on scrupulosity, Catholicism and OCD

Religious ‘vulnerable to compulsion’

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