too spiritual?


Tell me, I once was lieing on the blanket on the grass with my wife and our son and looking up at the uncountable number of stars I said “Lord show my wife how much you love our being together”! She looked at me and laughed saying that’s stupid, why would God want to do that for?:ehh:
We looked up and there in fromt of us were some seven to nine stars crossing each other. I laughed saying that "Hey why not He is our Father and owns all the stars. Yes but, she said, I said again Father is there another way you can show us not in the stars though! :hmmm:
All of a sudden we saw at least 4 satelites crossing the sky and near each other. She laughed but I love to ask our Father anything, there are no limits, I love it all.

Well!!! why not?:clapping: :tiphat:


Keep on praying! only good can come of it!


Well, God has a great sense of humour, hehe.


Ask and you shall receive, seek and you shall find, knock and the door will be opened.

Why not ask God?


I don’t know how many times my husband and I have been together–either on our back deck watching the sunset or even just in our living room, sipping coffee and chatting–that he suddenly stops in mid-conversation and says, “Thank You, Jesus, for this moment!” or “God has truly blessed us!” Or he’ll tell me that on his way to work, he’ll think of something I did or said and he’ll thank God for bringing us together.

Say what you will, but it beats roses, candy and jewelry for me!:thumbsup:


:amen: :blessyou:


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