too tired debating whose religion is right?


if you are too tired and caught up in arguments on this forum, here is a little break for you. :slight_smile:

Christian, Athiest Debate on ABC Nightline …

You have something to pray for. :slight_smile:

God bless.


Thanks Water. Ill try to stay up to watch it:thumbsup:


NOOOOOOOOO! :crying: LOOK who is representing the Christian side…Kirk Cameron and Ray Comfort…NOOOO!..this was a set up to make Christians look bad!..:crying:


Why do you say that?


Those guys, though good men, preach a jack chick theology level of Christianity. They will get torn to shreds by those atheists…and as a result give all America the impression Christianity is a push over and cant provide the answers.

If you ever have seen their show on TV you will see they dont take their theology past a verse or two at a time.


I don’t much about the guys, Kirk Cameron and Ray Comfort - we know we need to pray for them - That was my whole reason for this thread. :slight_smile:


Here is their webpage:

They are good guys, but in my opinion are the wrong guys to represent Christianity on the debate level, especially against atheists.


And here is what Ray Comfort tells his followers about Catholics:

**17. How do you witness to a Roman Catholic? **
The problem is that he is most likely not born again. It is because of this, that there is contention. I have found that it is often a futile exercise to try and convince a Roman Catholic that the teachings of his church are erroneous. Instead, I open up the Law (the Ten Commandments), then say that if he is not born again he is not a Christian (I show him John 3 and say that Jesus said it–in the Catholic Bible). Unless that happens, he is unsaved and cannot enter Heaven (and there is no purgatory). I then spread it out by letting him know that if someone is a Presbyterian, Methodist, Baptist, Salvation Army, Catholic or “whatever,” and is not born again, he cannot see the Kingdom of God. **When he is truly converted, the Holy Spirit will lead him into all truth and away from the error of Roman Catholicism. **

God bless


Those guys, nice as they may be, would also have a hard time against Nestorians.:wink:


So, how was the debates, guys?

I couldn’t see the debate because I don’t have cable and my TV can catch only one channel -



I was too tired to stay up and watch. will be showing it today at 1 p.m. I’ll watch it then if my kiddos let me.


back to the original question= yes, i`m very very tired of debating which religion is right. I actually only came here because I got some mormoms coming to me every week and this forum has so far been quite useful.

debating with non-christians like mormons and JW, ok.

debating between chrsitians- nice, but a waste of time.



Yeah, my first impression of Cameron and Comfort happened to be this episode of their radio podcast, where they featured John MacArthur:

Hour 1
Hour 2

This guy is perhaps the most unscholarly, rabid anti-Catholic I’ve ever heard (which says a lot). You can get the gist of him in only 5 or 10 minutes.

But I’d still like to hear what anyone thought of the debate vs. the athiests!


I saw a few minutes last night and wow that Cameron really is clueless. :o

They should have had a Catholic on there to help the poor guy out. :slight_smile:


If he only knows how clueless he is. :shrug:


Why do you say that?:frowning: To be honest with you I dont think a catholic would have done any better or worse. These atheists were pretty set in their beliefs and pretty set about spewing them.:frowning:
I fell aslepp and then woke up and Im not sure how much if any I missed.


I do think a Catholic would have done better. I have seen debates with atheisits with catholics and with protestants. Protestants just are not as good. And catholics have more weapons for this kind of thing. Sorry, I am not picking on him personally or attacking your faith, just saying its lacking certain tools to fight this kind of thing is all.

Protestants would have a hard time fighting Nestorianism too.

In fact, I think I hit a spiritual truth here. Catholics have better tools to fight all heresy with.:slight_smile:


Thank you for answering.:smiley: I dont even know what Nestorianism is:confused:
Im just curious what tools you have that you think is better to fight atheists with? Im not interested in debating this just wondering is all.:thumbsup:


Atheists can very cleverly discount the bible to those who never read it.

Protestants can not defend the veracity of the bible as well as A Catholic, its that simple.

And, we could go from there on.

PLEASE research the Nestorian heresy and pray about it.:slight_smile:

You may be awfully surprised, and saddened at how it goes. Sorry.


Thank you:)

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