TOOL, the band

I used to listen to this band a lot back during my high school and college days - which were definitely pre-Christian.

I was just thinking about their music and how I’d like to listen to the song “Lateralus” one more time, regardless of their anti-Christian/Crowley infested/occult overtones.

Definitely a band which preaches the “think for yourself” attitude. As a fan back in the day, I was surprised to see how involved with sacred geometry, UFOs, and the occult they purported to believe in. In fact, I recall reading on their website one time, a long time ago, how they weren’t going to record another album because they were all convinced the world was coming to an end soon. I wonder if that was a ruse?

But very talented musicians, as well.

Anybody else think anything of them?

I was slated to go to the concert in July in Hamilton. But have since had a flalling out with my friend who was going to get the tickets. Just as well. I find their music, their songs epic in tone. Agreed most talented, and looked to be a good show. But after seeing so many bands in the past that will market a Santanic underpin or if it is their core beliefs, it was probably divine providence that I’m now not going. Not to mention I can think of tons better things to do with my so little money then plop it down for a self indulgent trip for a couple of hours of entertainment.

Just my 2 cents.


I do like a few songs by Tool but I’ve never been a huge fan. They get boring after listening to them for a while. In my opinion, they are talented but over rated.

I have their album Aenima, I am a big prog rock and prog metal fan and while they are good, they’re not one of my favorites. However, I love playing the riff from 46&2 on my bass (-:

I like the fact they actually have something to say in their music.

They’re good. I don’t care for their lyrics or message. They certainly do some interesting things as far as music is concerned though.

I used to be a huge fan when I was in middle school (the Aenima days). I still listened to them sometimes in high school, but for the most part, I’d lost interest.

I’m not intimidated by their bizarre beliefs (you see much worse things on prime time television), but it’s still not something I’d let my children listen to, if I had any.

I wouldn’t encourage you to open that door again. My sister-in-law liked Tool, so I decided to buy some Tool CD’s for her. I had only known of one or two songs of theirs. Anyway, for some reason, I decided to open the cd (without breaking the seal). I put it in my cd player, and the first thing I heard was something that sounded like a spoken word black magic curse. I got rid of the cd. From this and also the other things you have described about this band, it’s a good idea for you to not listen to it. I’ve never heard anything be so blatantly satanic, ever. Please stay away from it.

I used to listen to them in High School and looking back that was a big mistake. They are really talented musicians but their stuff is really messed up. Just looking at their album art should have been a clue(very disturbing and obscene, at least Aenima was). In my messed up rationalization I knew they were bad but I thought their musical talent negated that. I wouldnt suggest listening to them even if you aren’t a kid.

Oh, I don’t listen to them anymore. I can’t lie and say some of the other bands/musicians I listen to are morally any better, though. In fact, many of them are worse.

A few years ago, a friend and I had decided to throw away our CDs, because they were morally questionable. We failed miserably. I deleted all of the songs on my ipod that were openly blasphemous, but I didn’t delete the other songs by the same artists.

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